How To File For A Divorce In The UK

How To File For A Divorce In The UK

If your marriage has broken down irretrievably or you feel you have suitable grounds to formally and legally separate from your spouse, you can think about starting divorce proceedings. But beginning that process can be confusing and a little daunting, especially if you have children or high net worth finances to consider. So understanding what […]

How Much Does A Divorce Cost In The UK?

How Much Does A Divorce Cost In The UK

When any marriage breaks down irrecoverably, it’s common to end in a finalised divorce. No matter how long the marriage has lasted, it can be difficult for both parties, with the potential for complex financial and legal procedures and judgements. If you’re in this position, it’s natural to worry about costs. But as every couple […]

How to reduce my divorce expenses

It is impossible to predict the exact figure when it comes to the expense estimation of a divorce. Because it is different for every couple. However, on an average the cost of divorce in the United Kingdom runs around £15,000, this excludes property costs. And nobody wants to put in a lot of money in […]

Renewal of Sponsor License Application

Companies based out of the UK require a sponsor license to hire foreign workers. Companies that possess sponsorship licenses have to renew their license after the expiry of every four years. Renewal of license is important if you want your sponsored workers to keep working for you. It is the responsibility of the sponsor company […]

Divorce and Property Dispute

Sharing and settlement of joint assets and finances is one of the crucial aspects of a divorce. Decisions regarding the ownership of the marital home are definitive in most divorce cases, and as such, property ownership disputes are quite common and frequently contentious. The primary bone of contention is whether one partner will continue to […]

Parental Responsibilities for a Child Arrangement Order Explained

When a marriage or a relationship breaks down, and a child is involved, then the child’s welfare and well-being become paramount in any agreement or court order. Parental responsibility and child arrangement order outline the living arrangements and other matters concerning the child’s future and upbringing. After divorce or separation, the law governing the child’s […]

What is a Residence Order and How to Get One?

Getting separated or divorced is not just about the parents, but it also involves any child out of the relationship. The issue of divorce also involves looking at the well-being and the future of the child. Several issues, such as child arrangement order, custody order, etc., become fundamental after the divorce settlement. Residence orders are […]

How To Gain Child Contact Order – Child Custody

If you are dissolving a civil partnership or going forward for a divorce, and you have children. Then, you will need to come to a mutual agreement regarding your child’s custody and who will look after them. However, the law is focused on protecting the rights of your children. It ensures their relationship with the […]

Advice and Guidance for UK Graduate Route Visa

The UK government has launched a new immigration route for international students known as the Graduate route, to be started from July 2021. The new route is meant for the students to apply for a visa to remain in the UK for two years post-study. This allows the students to look for work at different […]

What are the Parental Responsibilities after Divorce?

When getting divorced or separated, the main focus is the welfare of the child involved. Often the child arrangement orders leave the parents at odds with each other and differ on who should take custody. Having parental responsibilities gives you certain powers and rights with respect to your child and involves some obligations. As the […]