How Corporates Can Improve their Productivity in UK

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It is a known fact that the UK’s productivity has been dismal. It has lagged behind that of other comparable economies since the 1970s and has witnessed an exponential slowdown since the financial crisis in the Year 2008 regardless of UK workers putting in longer working hours. Plus, the COVID-19 situation has also contributed to this slowdown.

The root cause for such low productivity is still not very clear. Most likely, it is a combination of various factors, i.e. low infrastructure investment, lack of available finance for small and medium enterprises, the rise of low payment culture, low-skilled jobs holding back investment in the more efficient workforce and most importantly, a big skills’ and education gap in key sectors.

It would not be inaccurate to say that the UK workers are tired, undertrained and mismanaged, and thus the productivity is suffering.

The fact that education and skills are important drivers of economic growth and productivity remains constant. Higher the educational attainment and skill, better the productivity and growth. This enables individuals to accomplish more difficult tasks and to address more complex problems in a superior manner.

It’s time for UK based corporations to invest more in skills and efficiency. The need for investment is delayed, as there is a lot of low-cost labour readily available. One of the most infallible ways for the UK corporates to become more productive is by employing foreign experts and skilled workforce.

Overseas workers may upgrade a domestic firm’s performance in a big way as they would bring a vast knowledge of foreign markets, which would turn out to be relevant if the firm wants to expand its business overseas. Another way the corporates can raise the productivity of local workers is by teaching them new “tricks and skills” which would surely prove useful in increasing the gains. One of the most crucial legal formality a UK Corporate has to fulfil in order to hire an international employee is to acquire a Sponsor’s licence.

What is a Sponsor’s Licence?

In simple terms, this is an approval from the UK home office for an organisation to sponsor a migrant workforce.

This document requires an incentive and ongoing consent. The application for sponsorship acts as the initial validation. Thereafter occasional checks may be conducted by the UK home office to ensure that the company that is sponsoring is abiding by its sponsoring duties.

Applying for the Sponsor’s Licence :

One can submit the Sponsor License application online. Along with the forms, adequate supporting documents need to be provided that the Home Office will use to review the case according to the immigration laws. Many sponsor licence applications are disapproved every year due to mistakes like failing to provide the correct documentation and information required.

According to the Immigration law, if the application is refused, it would be difficult for the same company to re-apply for the Sponsor’s Licence for the next six months, if not longer. Thus, it is always advisable to hire a skilled visa lawyer or immigration consultancy services for professional guidance with the application.

How Osbourne Pinner can Help you with the Sponsor’s Licence

With one of the most skilled teams of immigration solicitors in London, Osbourne Pinner is considered second to none for legal immigration services. The employment solicitor will make sure to help at every stage in applying and acquiring the license required. They will ensure that all the formalities are fulfilled hassle-free and will also provide advice in choosing the right Sponsor Licence according to the business needs. Being one of London’s best law firms, especially for the Immigration Work Visa and legal services, you can be sure that your case is in safe hands.

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