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Sponsor Licence Application Fees Cost

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The sponsor licence cost is the fee that an organization must pay to the Home Office to sponsor skilled workers from outside the UK to work in their organization. The cost of a sponsor licence depends on the organisation’s size and whether it is a charitable organisation. Small or charitable organisations pay sponsor licence fees of £536, and Medium or large organisations pay sponsor licence cost fees of £1,476. You can also pay an additional £500 for priority processing of your sponsor licence application.


To be eligible for a sponsor licence, your organisation must meet certain requirements, including:

  • You must be a legal entity in the UK.
  • You must be a resident of the UK.
  • You must have a good track record of compliance with UK immigration law.
  • You must be able to pay the relevant fees.


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How to Get a Sponsor Licence?

Here are the steps on how to get a sponsor licence in the UK:

1. Check your eligibility. You can check your eligibility for a sponsor licence on the GOV.UK website.

2. Gather your evidence. You will need to gather evidence to support your sponsor licence application, such as:

  • Proof of your legal entity in the UK
  • Proof of your physical presence in the UK
  • Proof of your good track record of compliance with UK immigration law
  • A copy of your organisation’s business plan
  • A list of the roles you want to sponsor
  • A copy of your organisation’s salary and benefits policy

3. Complete the sponsor licence application form. You can complete the sponsor licence application form online on the GOV.UK website.

4. Pay the sponsor licence fee UK cost. The sponsor licence application fee for a sponsor licence is £536 for small or charitable organisations and £1,476 for medium or large organisations.

5. Submit your sponsor licence application. You can submit your sponsor licence application online on the GOV.UK website.

6. Wait for the sponsor licence application decision. The Home Office will usually decide on your sponsor licence application within 8 weeks.


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Sponsor Licence Eligibility

To be eligible for a sponsor licence, your organisation must meet the following requirements:

You must be a legal entity in the UK.

You must be a resident of the UK.

You must have a good track record of compliance with UK immigration law.

You must be able to pay the relevant fees.

In addition to general requirements, there are also specific requirements for each type of sponsor licence. For example, to be eligible for a sponsor licence to sponsor skilled workers, your organisation must:

Offer a job that meets the requirements of the skilled worker visa.

Pay the jobseeker a salary that is at least the minimum salary for the role.

Provide the jobseeker with a suitable working environment.

You should contact the Home Office for advice if you are still determining whether your organisation is eligible for a sponsor licence.

Sponsor Licence Evidence

Here are some details about the sponsor licence eligibility requirements:

  • Legal entity in the UK: Your organisation must be a registered company, charity, or other legal entity in the UK.
  • Physical presence in the UK: Your organisation must have a physical presence in the UK, such as an office or factory.
  • Good track record of compliance with UK immigration law: Your organisation must have a good record of complying with UK immigration law. This means that you must not have had any previous immigration breaches.
  • Ability to pay the relevant sponsor licence application fees and costs: You must be able to pay the relevant sponsor licence fees for a sponsor licence. The sponsor licence fees are £536 for small or charitable organisations and £1,476 for medium or large organisations.

Types of Sponsor Licences

There are two types of sponsor licences in the UK:

  • Worker licence: This sponsor licence allows you to sponsor skilled workers from outside the UK to work in your organisation.
  • Temporary Worker licence: This sponsor licence allows you to sponsor people from outside the UK to work in your organisation temporarily.

Worker Licence

A worker licence allows you to sponsor people outside the UK to work in your organization in a skilled role. The work can be short-term, long-term, or permanent, depending on the worker’s visa.

The licence is divided into four categories:

Temporary Worker Licence

A temporary worker licence allows you to sponsor people from outside the UK to work in your organization for a temporary period. The work can be in a variety of fields, including volunteering, job shadowing, and the creative industry.

The licence is divided into ten categories:

Sponsorship Management Roles

There are a number of different sponsorship management roles within an organization. Some of the most common roles include:

The specific responsibilities of each sponsorship management role will vary depending on the size and structure of the organization. However, all sponsorship management roles are essential to the success of a sponsorship program.

Here are some of the skills and qualifications that are typically required for sponsorship management roles:

Suitability Checks Sponsorship Management Roles

You and your team will undergo thorough checks to ensure suitability for these positions. Your license application may be denied if anyone is involved in sponsorship:

In addition, both you and your designated staff must:

Apply for your License

To obtain your license, you are required to submit an online application.

Upon completing the online application, you will need to submit the following:

  • A submission sheet must be provided at the end of the application.
  • Supporting documents, if specifically requested.

If you need to include any affidavits or statutory declarations, they must be witnessed by a qualified and impartial individual. This can be a solicitor, Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Oaths, or, in Scotland only, a Councillor.

Submitting the Documents

To send your submission sheet and supporting documents, you can scan or take pictures of them. These files should then be emailed to the provided email address, ensuring that they meet the following requirements:

  • File formats accepted are PDF, JPEG, or PNG.
  • Assign descriptive titles to your files, keeping them within 25 characters.
  • Ensure that the documents are of sufficient quality to be legible.

In case your documents are not in English or Welsh, it is necessary to include a certified translation. Further information can be found in the supporting evidence guidance for sponsors.

If you cannot scan and send the documents via email, please contact UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) using the contact details provided on the submission sheet.

How Much Does It Cost To Apply Sponsor Licences?

When applying for a license, you are required to pay a fee. The Sponsor licence application cost fee depends on the type of license you are applying for and your organisation’s classification.

License Type

Fee for Small or Charitable Sponsors

Fee for Medium or Large Sponsors




Temporary Worker



Worker and Temporary Worker



Add Worker license to an existing Temporary Worker license

No fee


Adding a Temporary Worker license to an existing Worker license

No fee

No fee

Determining if you are a Small or Charitable Sponsor in relation to fees and costs.

Typically, you are considered a minor sponsor if at least two of the following conditions are met:

  • Annual turnover may be £10.2 million or less.
  • The total value of your assets may be £5.1 million or less.
  • You have a staff of 50 employees or fewer.

Processing Time and Expedited Decisions

The majority of applications are typically processed in under 8 weeks, although they may need to conduct a business visit as part of the application process.

For a quicker decision, there is an option to pay an additional £500 sponsor licence fee cost to receive a response within 10 working days. However, this expedited service is limited to a small number of applications each working day, and decisions are prioritized based on the order of the requests received (first come, first served). Instructions on how to request a faster decision will be provided after submitting your application.

Requesting a Review for Refused Applications

If you believe your application was refused due to an error made by the caseworker handling your case or if your supporting documents were not considered, you can apply for a review of your application. However, it’s important to note that you cannot apply for a review solely based on disagreeing with the decision.

Certificate of sponsorship

A Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) is a document issued by a licensed sponsor in the United Kingdom to individuals they wish to sponsor for work. It is essential for individuals applying for a visa under the UK’s points-based system.

The CoS serves as confirmation that the sponsor has fulfilled their responsibilities and is willing to sponsor the individual for a specific job role. It contains important information such as the individual’s personal details, job details, start date, and duration of employment.

There are two types of Certificates of Sponsorship:

  1. Restricted CoS: This type of CoS is issued by the UK Home Office through a monthly allocation process for skilled workers applying from outside the UK. It is typically reserved for roles that are in high demand or meet specific criteria.
  2. Unrestricted CoS: Licensed sponsors have the authority to issue unrestricted Certificates of Sponsorship to skilled workers they wish to employ. These are mainly for those who are currently in the UK and want to change visa categories or extend their current visa.

The sponsor must have a current and active sponsor licence in order to receive a Certificate of Sponsorship. The sponsor is responsible for allocating the CoS to the intended worker, verifying that the employment function fits the relevant standards, and adhering to the Home Office’s sponsor obligations. After receiving a Certificate of Sponsorship, the applicant can use it as part of their visa application to indicate that they have a work offer from a licenced sponsor in the UK.

Other Fees and Costs Associated With Sponsor Licences

In addition to the sponsor licence fee, there are other fees and costs associated with sponsor licences in the UK. The cost of a UK sponsor licence  may vary depending on factors such as the size of the organization and the specific circumstances of the sponsorship. Here are some common additional costs and fees to consider:

  1. Immigration Skills Charge (ISC): The ISC is a mandatory fee that sponsors are required to pay for each sponsored worker. The amount of the ISC depends on the size of the organization and the duration of sponsorship. As of 2021, the ISC fee is £364 per year for small or charitable sponsors and £1,000 per year fee for medium or large sponsors. However, these fee amounts are subject to change, so it’s important to check the current costs.
  2. Health and Immigration Surcharge: Sponsors may need to pay the Health and Immigration Surcharge, also known as the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), for each sponsored worker. The surcharge provides access to the National Health Service (NHS) for sponsored individuals during their stay in the UK. The surcharge amount depends on the visa’s length and is subject to change. It is important to check the current rates on the UK government website.
  3. Compliance Fees and Costs: Sponsors are required to maintain compliance with the sponsor’s duties and responsibilities set by the Home Office. This may involve additional costs and fees such as employing staff or engaging external consultants to manage immigration compliance, conducting right-to-work checks, record-keeping, and ensuring adherence to reporting requirements.
  4. Recruitment Costs and fees: Sponsors may incur expenses related to recruitment activities, including advertising job vacancies, conducting interviews, and screening candidates. These fees and costs can vary depending on the recruitment methods and the organisation’s specific needs.
  5. Legal and Immigration Advice: Depending on the complexity of the sponsorship process and the specific circumstances, sponsors may seek legal or immigration advice to ensure compliance and navigate the application process smoothly. Engaging the services of an immigration lawyer or consultant can incur additional fees and costs.

In conclusion, the cost / fees for obtaining a Sponsor Licence depends on the type of licence and the size of your organization. It is essential to carefully review the fee and cost structure provided and determine if you qualify as a small or charitable sponsor. Additionally, the application processing time is generally under 8 weeks, with an option for expedited decisions available for an additional cost fee. Remember, if your application is refused, you may request a review based on specific grounds. It is advisable to thoroughly understand the associated costs, fees and requirements before applying for a Sponsor Licence.

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