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From organising a pre or post-nuptial agreement through to child arrangement orders and dealing with your finances after a divorce, our family law solicitors can support you with any issues you face. 

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Why might you need divorce or family law solicitors in London?

When a couple end their marriage, a legal process must take place. Depending on the specifics of the couple’s situation, there are many legal issues that may need to be overcome and often family law disputes can occur. This is why many choose divorce lawyers who have experience in post nuptial agreements, alternative dispute resolution and solving the legal side of complex family law issues.

This is equally true with a range of family law issues. Osbourne Pinner is an experienced family solicitors firm with experience in areas of family law. From family law advice to financial settlements, here are some of the issues we cover include:

  • Divorce and No Fault Divorce

  • Pre-nuptial Agreements

  • Post-nuptial Agreements

  • Grandparents Rights

  • Child Arrangement Order

  • Abusive Relationships

  • Civil Partnership

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Pre-nuptial Agreements

Often called a prenup or pre-marital agreement, this is the process where couples enter into a legally binding agreement that explains what will happen to their money and property should the marriage end. It’s a step that many couples take and although pre-nuptial agreements are not always legally binding in the UK, they are often honoured by courts unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Post-Nuptial Agreements

A postnuptial agreement, often called postnup or post-marital agreement, is similar to a prenup agreement only it takes places during a couple’s marriage. As before, a postnuptial agreement is not strictly binding in the United Kingdom, but they are often respected by courts unless the specifics of the agreement are deemed as unfair.

In order to get the fairest post-marital agreement, it’s important to be transparent about the financial circumstances of both parties and ensure to take independent legal advice on the contents of the agreement. If there are any financial disputes, you’ll have the legal backing to protect your finances.

Grandparents Rights

If you are searching for legal help with matters relating to family, you’re going to want to work with the best family law solicitors in London. When it comes to cases surrounding the rights of Grandparents, Osbourne Pinner have experience working in all types of family law cases. Many grandparents want to be a part of their grandchildren’s lives but are denied the opportunity to do so.

With our expertise at your side, you’ll be able to put the best foot forward to settle any disputes that may arise when it comes to seeing your Grandchildren. We have a history of high success rates and positive testimonials from previous and current clients.

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Child Arrangement Order

Legal battles to gain custody of children are situations that can occur for many people. Such legal issues and disagreements can be stressful and difficult for all parties involved. If a marriage separates and both parents want to keep the children with them, it can become very difficult to come up with a mutual decision.

This is why many couples opt for litigation – the process where a court decides who will get the custody as well as the specific terms of custody. The court’s decision is influenced by the best interests of the children in question. That’s why it is important to have expert lawyers representing you, in order to gain a better chance of winning your case. Our family team have a wealth of experience to help you get the best for your children.

Abusive Relationships

Many women and men find themselves in an abusive relationship where their partner is either physically or mentally abusive to them. This is a terrible situation that can be awful for your mental and physical health. This is why it is important to get legal help to better your life and move on. Our domestic violence expert legal team can assist you with many different matters such as Occupation and Prohibited step order and Non Molestation orders.

Our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with abusive relationships. Our family law team is here to sensitively guide you through the process so that you can have peace of mind and feel confident at each stage of the process.

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Civil Partnership

A civil partnership in the United Kingdom is a union between two people of the same or opposite sex that is legally recognised. It offers similar legal rights and responsibilities similar to marriage, but without the traditional connotations. If you are looking to enter into a civil partnership, or you need advice on legally ending your relationship, we have a team of specialist family lawyers to help you.

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  • Divorce Petition (uncontested) working for the petitioner £950 + VAT + court fee

  • Divorce Petition (uncontested) Working for the respondent £850 + VAT

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  • Matters including children: Hourly rate of a solicitor: £250 – £307 + VAT

  • Hourly rate of financial settlement solicitor: £250 – £307 + VAT

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FAQs for Divorce & Family Law Solicitors

In England or Wales, you’re eligible for a divorce if:

  • you’ve been married for a minimum of a year
  • the marriage has irretrievably broken down
  • the union is legally acknowledged in the UK, including same-sex marriages


If divorce isn’t your choice, you can consider legal separation to live separately without ending the marital bond. Alternatively, you can seek annulment. Both separation and annulment can be pursued within the first marriage year.

Processes differ if you’re seeking divorce in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

The end of a marriage is emotionally draining, but it becomes worse when one partner disagrees. However, you can still apply for a divorce on your own if your spouse is uncooperative thanks to the new no-fault divorce.

The most significant element in the recent divorce law reform is removing the need for blame in a divorce and that you are able to get a divorce even if your spouse does not want to. 

The preliminary division of assets is typically an equal 50/50. Yet, this is just a guideline. Several factors will influence the final division, such as marriage duration, earning capability, and both present and future needs.

While not mandatory, consulting a solicitor before initiating divorce is recommended. A dedicated divorce solicitor can help you work through the process, reduce the amount of stress you have to face and provide you with helpful expertise.

Completing a divorce or dissolution usually takes a minimum of 6 months, provided there are no complications. If your situation is not as straightforward – perhaps due to complex finances, assets or child custody – it can take longer. However, these issues can be settled independently of the divorce or dissolution.

A divorce application carries a fee of £593. Your payment method will vary based on your application method. This fee isn’t refundable once the divorce application is processed.

Each individual typically covers their legal expenses. The exact costs can vary significantly based on factors like dispute intensity and intricacies of familial and monetary situations.

A legal adviser or family mediator will determine if you’re eligible for legal aid and apply on your behalf. If you meet the criteria, legal aid covers your expenses directly. However, if you retain or acquire any assets or funds post-trial, some legal aid might require repayment.

Yes, Osbourne Pinner Solicitors offers an initial half-hour consultation free of charge. Available either in-person at our premises or through a video chat. To arrange your complimentary consultation with our London-based divorce experts, call us on 0203 983 5080.

We offer a free initial 30-minute no-obligation consultation without charge. After this initial consultation, our costs are:

Fixed Fees Areas

We charge fixed fees in the given areas:

  • Divorce Petition (uncontested) working for the petitioner £950 + VAT + court fee
  • Divorce Petition (uncontested) Working for the respondent £850 + VAT


Hourly Charges

  • Matters including children: Hourly rate of a solicitor: £250 – £307 + VAT
  • Hourly rate of financial settlement solicitor: £250 – £307 + VAT