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Highly skilled individuals who want to work in the UK have a variety of immigration routes at their disposal. The Global Talent Visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) offers a valuable opportunity for highly skilled and talented individuals to live and work in the UK.

This Tier 1 Global Talent Visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) is open to talent from various fields, including science, engineering, academia and research, digital technology and arts and culture, which display exceptional talent or exceptional promise.

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UK Global Talent Visa Applications – What You Need to Know

The Global Talent Visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) provides an accelerated path towards permanent residence and British Citizenship, making it an exciting prospect for talented individuals. Individuals obtaining the Global Talent visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) as an exceptional talent are eligible to apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain after 3 years, whereas individuals showing exceptional promise can do so within 5 years. 

In contrast to Skilled Worker Visas, people with this Global Talent visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) enjoy the flexibility of working with any employer or being self-employed in their field. They are also free to change jobs without informing the Home Office, thus offering flexibility.

Obtaining a Global Talent Visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) for the UK can be complicated and daunting. With Osbourne Pinner, one of London’s leading solicitors, securing a Global Talent Visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) can be easy and stress-free. As expert business immigration lawyers, Osbourne Pinner Solicitors in London, UK can offer experience and expertise in individual and business immigration procedures, including Global Talent Visas (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) and securing indefinite leave to remain.

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What is a Global Talent Visa?

The Global Talent Visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) is a Tier 1 immigration category that allows individuals exhibiting exceptional talents and potential as a leader in their fields to live and work in the UK. This is an iniative the government has created to encourage talented and promising individuals from around the world to be part of the United Kingdom.

This Global Talent visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) category welcomes talented individuals in academia and research, arts and culture and digital technology. This Global Talent visa remains valid for 5 years and can be a fast-track route to settlement and British Citizenship.

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Benefits of a Global Talent Visa

As a visa category for high-value migrants, the global talent route provides numerous benefits to individuals, from accelerated settlement to career choices:

  • Choice of Employer: Global Talent Visa holders can work for any employer in their field or be self-employed.

  • Fast-Track Settlement: Exceptional Talent category individuals can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain after 3 Years, and Exceptional Promise individuals can do so after 5 Years.

  • No Limit on Extension: Global Talent Visas can be extended multiple times, provided individuals remain endorsed as a talent in their field.

  • Apply Without Sponsorship: Employers of Global Talent visa holders do not require a UK Sponsor License.

  • Dependant Partner and Children are Allowed.

  • Freedom to Leave or Change Jobs: You can leave and change jobs without informing the Home Office, unlike Skilled Worker (Tier 2) Visas.

Types of Professionals That Can Apply

Highly skilled professionals who are leaders or show promise as potential leaders in their field can apply for the Global Talent visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa). Exceptional individuals with specific prestigious prizes in their field, such as Academy Awards, BAFTAs, and Nobel Prizes, are also eligible. The disciplines which are eligible to apply for the Global Talent Visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa) are:

  • Arts and Culture: Subjects: Science, Medicine, Engineering, Humanities.

  • Design Technologies: Subjects: Combined Arts, Dance, Literature, Music, Theatre or Visual Arts, Fashion Design, Architecture, Film and Television, Animation, Post Production and Visual Effects.

  • Academia or Research: Subjects: Science, Medicine, Engineering, Humanities.

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Eligibility Criteria For The UK Global Talent Visa

To be eligible for a Global Talent Visa (previously known as the Exceptional Talent Visa), an individual needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Be a recognised leader in an eligible field as proof of exceptional talent.

  • Be an emerging leader in an eligible field as proof of an exceptional promise.

It is important to note that each discipline requires different documentary proofs of exceptional talent/promise, such as prestigious awards, grants, recommendation letters and the like. Osbourne Pinner solicitors in London, UK can assist you in preparing all the necessary documents to generate a perfect and thorough Global Talent Visa application, provided you meet the exceptional promise criteria.

The global talent visa is available for the following fields:

  • Engineering

  • Science

  • Digital Technology

  • Fashion

  • Architecture

  • The Arts

  • Medicine

  • Humanities

  • Film & Television

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Applying for a Global Talent Visa

The Global Talent Visa can be applied for through an online application on the Home Office website. This involves two stages: Endorsement and Immigration Application. The exact Global Talent Visa application procedure varies depending on whether you’re applying from inside the UK or outside the UK.

Applying For A Global Talent Visa Inside the UK:

Extending Your Current Visa: If the individual’s endorsement is still valid, they can apply directly for Stage 2: Immigration Application. Global talent visa applicants need to secure another endorsement in case it is withdrawn before proceeding with the application.

Switching From a Different Visa: Holders of Tier 1, Tier 2 (Skilled Worker Visas), Tier 5 (Temporary Worker Visas), Tier 4 (Student Visas except for short-term visas), Start-Up and Innovator Visas can apply to switch to a Global Talent Visa by obtaining an endorsement and applying for immigration.

Applying For A Global Talent Visa Outside the UK:

Individuals applying outside the UK need to either have won a prestigious award or go through the two stages of endorsement and immigration application to obtain a Global Talent Visa.

Global Talent Visa Application Process

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Stage 1: Endorsement

The first stage of the Global Talent Visa application process is submitting an application for endorsement from the recognised endorsement body for your field. This application is made online through the Home Office. They will cross-verify your credentials and achievements with the relevant endorsing body. 

The Home Office recognises specific endorsing bodies for all eligible disciplines, each with specific eligibility criteria requiring specific documentation to provide an endorsement. During the initial endorsement stage, these bodies assess your expertise, skills, and potential to determine your eligibility for endorsement. They will most often verify your promise with an endorsement letter. The various endorsing bodies for recognised fields are:

  • Arts and Culture Endorsement: The Arts Council of England.

  • Digital Technology Endorsement: Tech Nation (please note that Tech Nation has closed as of 31st March 2023 but is still processing applications till a replacement endorsing body is decided).

  • Humanities and Social Sciences Endorsements: The British Academy.

  • Engineering Endorsement: The Royal Academy of Engineering.

  • Natural and Medical Science Endorsements: The Royal Society.

  • Endorsement for All Research Fields, Fellowship and Grant Holders: The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Receiving a decision on your endorsement application can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks. You can apply for a fast-track endorsement or peer-reviewed endorsement based on your requirements and timeline. Keep in mind that some endorsing bodies engaged in the process may follow separate endorsement criteria. An endorsement is essential to your Global Talent Visa application, without which you cannot progress to the next stage. An expert in business immigration, such as Osbourne Pinner, can help you prepare a thorough and effective application.

Stage 2: Immigration Application

Once endorsement has been obtained, you can move forward with the immigration application. This application is submitted online, depending on whether you are applying inside or outside the UK. The ‘Global Talent Permission to Stay Stage 2′ form is for individuals applying inside the UK. The ‘Global Talent Visa Stage 2′ form is used for individuals outside the UK. 

The visa application must be submitted within 3 months of receiving an endorsement. The fees and immigration healthcare surcharges need to be paid as well. The application costs 623 GBP overall, with 456 GBP as endorsement fees and 167 GBP for Visa fees. 

Alternatively, winners of prestigious prizes applying for stage 2 directly pay for the entire 623 GBP with their visa application. In order to maximise your chances of success, your application must be thorough and accurate and always remember the final immigration decision rests with the governing board – so it’s important to get this part of the process right even if you have a stellar endorsement. Our expert solicitors guide you through the entire application process and gather supporting documents to boost your chances of approval.

Processing Times

The processing times of applications can vary based on multiple factors. The endorsement application typically takes about 28 days to process. This process can be sped up through fast-track applications and varies based on the procedures of individual endorsing bodies. 

The visa application can take 3 to 8 weeks to process, depending on the region you’re applying from. For those from outside the UK, your visa application will take about 3 weeks to process. In the case of those from inside the UK, a decision will be made on your application in 8 weeks.

Renewing/Extending a Global Talent Visa

Global Talent Visas are valid for 5 years and can be extended for another 1-5 years when close to expiry. These Global Talent Visa can be renewed multiple times, as there’s no limit on the number of extensions. It is important to note, however, that global talent visas can only be extended as long as your endorsement remains valid. If the endorsement is withdrawn, you will need to go through the entire endorsement application process again.

Individuals applying under the exceptional talent category can also apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) after 3 years. Individuals under the exceptional promise category can apply for ILR after 5 years in the UK. At Osbourne Pinner, we are well-versed with visa extensions and can provide support throughout the process. We are also experts in securing IRLs and can help you secure endorsements and draft IRL applications, as well as helping global talent visa holders with any issues that may occur.

Refusal or Rejection

In case of refusal of the endorsement application or rejection of the immigration application, some options are available to applicants. At Osbourne Pinner, we are experts at overturning, rejections and refusals and will guide you through the entire appeal process.

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Refusal of Global Talent Visa Endorsement Application (Stage 1)

Endorsing bodies may sometimes deem an application unfit for endorsement. While there can be a variety of reasons for this, some common grounds for rejection are:

  • Your profile was seen as lacking exceptional talent or endorsement.

  • There may be more than 10 supporting documents submitted.

  • There is insufficient evidence of an applicant’s extracurricular activities, such as university courses or side occupations.

  • There are mixed or average scores presented as evidence of high-level achievements.

  • There is little or no evidence of innovation that shows promise.

  • Ineligible Referees and Letters of Recommendation are provided.

  • While the candidate may show skill in a field, but not necessarily enough to qualify as having exceptional talent or promise.

If your endorsement application is refused, but you believe it wasn’t judged correctly, you can ask for a review. You can request a review within 28 days of receiving your decision and will receive a decision on your review within another 28 days. 

You can submit a fresh application in case your application is refused after the review. Our solicitors at Osbourne Pinner work with you to assess the shortcomings of your application and work with you to draft proper grounds and application for review.

Refusal of Global Talent Visa Immigration Application (Stage 2)

If your immigration application is rejected at the second stage, it can be due to multiple reasons, such as:

  • The applicant has not been able to provide evidence that they meet the requirements of the immigration rules.

  • The candidate is on a travel ban or deportation list.

  • The applicant has a criminal background which may make them unfit to be in the UK.

  • The candidate was previously involved in a sham marriage or sham civil partnership.

  • The applicant has previously violated immigration laws and more.

In case of rejection of your Immigration Application, you will not be eligible for an appeal. However, if you believe a mistake has been made on the Home Office’s end, you can apply for an administrative review.

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Case Studies: Our Global Talent Visa Success Stories

At Osbourne Pinner Solicitors, we are business immigration experts with extensive experience in providing Global Talent Visas. Here are some of our success stories in securing Global Talent Visas: 

  • A client with an exceptional software engineering background sought a global talent visa endorsement. Our solicitors at Osbourne Pinner helped him obtain all relevant supporting documents, letters of recommendation, and comprehensive evidence of skill. The client was struggling with gathering documents and evidence regarding his expertise.

  • A client from a biomedical engineering background in India sought a global talent visa endorsement. They thoroughly appreciated Osbourne Pinner’s attention to detail, patience, and exceptional service in preparing an incredibly thorough and efficient application that led to a successful. The client was able to secure a Global Talent Visa without hassle.

Let’s talk about your Global Talent Visa Application

Osbourne Pinner Solicitors is a leading provider of expertise and support for applicants undergoing business or individual immigration procedures.

We have a proven track record of securing endorsements and Global Talent Visas for our clients. Our Solicitors ensure that your applications are thorough, efficient and well-constructed. We can also support you through refusals, appeals and extensions and ILR applications. If you are looking for legal experts to guide you through securing a Global Talent Visa, consider booking a free and confidential consultation with us today.


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FAQs for Global Talent Visa Applicants

No, you do not need to have a job offer to apply for the global talent visa. The only eligibility criteria to apply for this global talent visa is to have proven, exceptional talent or potential in a particular academic or research discipline.

You will not be able to appeal the decision if your visa application is rejected or refused. However, you are eligible to apply for an Administrative Review. If your application has been rejected due to an administrative mistake, you are eligible for this option. At Osborne Pinner Solicitors, we can provide guidance and support if your application is rejected or refused and walk you through the Administrative Review procedure.

Yes, you can secure permanent residence in the UK through a global talent visa. After remaining in the UK, under the global talent visa for three years (exceptional talent candidates) and for five years (exceptional promise candidates), you are eligible to apply for an indefinite leave to remain as a fast-track route to settlement.

Yes, you can bring your family members with you on the global talent visa. If you have a spouse and children under 18, they can apply to join you in the UK as dependents. They must meet certain requirements to qualify for immigration and submit the fees for the global talent visa application. We have extensive experience in securing dependent visas for global talent visa candidates’ family members.

As mentioned before, a going down the global talent visa route requires the applicant to show promise in a particular field. This means that you have the credentials to show that you are an exceptional talent in one of the fields that the UK is looking to expand. We included a list earlier in the article, but some of these industries include the UK’s digital technology sector, the natural and medical sciences, as well as many other constructive professions. To find out whether or not you qualify, you’ll need to take a close look at the various requirements when going through the application process.

At Osbourne Pinner Solicitors, we are experts in business immigration procedures. We have extensive experience in helping highly skilled individuals apply for the Global Talent Visa. Our experts guide at every stage of the application process, from preparing documents for the endorsement application to preparing evidence for the immigration application. We also support you through rejections and refusals and advise you on securing dependent visas, and answer queries from the Home Office.