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Osbourne Pinner is a team of leading divorce solicitors with offices in Piccadilly and Harrow.   

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We have a strong track record in representing High Net Worth individuals through the legal processes of divorce. With our trusted, dynamic approach, you’re assured of an optimal outcome – however complex the considerations, assets, and structures. 

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High Net Worth Divorce

High Net Worth divorces frequently involve highly complex financial and legal structures, procedures, and judgments. For this reason, it requires expert legal advice and representation.

The complexity of High Net Worth divorce cases arises for several reasons: 

These are all strong reasons for seeking expert legal assistance from a firm with successful experience


We do not offer Legal Aid.

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High Net Worth Divorce & Ultra High Net Worth Divorce: How we support you

Osbourne Pinner supports you through every aspect of the legal divorce process: 

The international dimensions of High Net Worth Divorce

The international lifestyle of High Net Worth couples can add significant complexity in High Net Worth Divorce cases. Establishing the jurisdiction where the divorce proceedings will be heard is an early and essential consideration.   

The choice of one jurisdiction over another can have enormous financial implications for either party. Where parties have connections to multiple jurisdictions, disputes can arise over the choice of jurisdiction in which the divorce will proceed. It’s important to take early legal advice in any High Net Worth divorce to understand which jurisdiction will be most favourable.   

Osbourne Pinner works with our clients to secure the procedure of the case in the most favourable jurisdiction.   

There are further international dimensions in High Net Worth Divorces because of the way assets are held across jurisdictions. Offshore trusts and complex offshore business structures can lead to non-disclosure and accusations of non-disclosure. Our tenacious team will help you to shed light on these complex financial arrangements at an early stage. We know from experience this can have a significant impact on outcomes.

Establishing Needs in High Net Worth Divorce cases

Courts in England and Wales enjoy broad discretion when assessing a spouse’s financial needs. In High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth divorce cases, where the family will have enjoyed a very high standard of living, needs must be calculated in a more generous way than an ordinary divorce.   

The establishment of spousal needs will have a decisive impact on the financial settlement, especially when children are involved. Osbourne Pinner has a strong track record representing parties on either side of the equation. 

Assets in High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Divorce

Inevitably, a great deal of time and resources during High Net Worth divorces and Ultra High Net Worth divorces will be focused on the disclosure and non-disclosure of assets. Furthermore, establishing whether the assets are matrimonial or non-matrimonial can have implications running into many millions of pounds.   

Given the significant sums involved, establishing the matrimonial status of assets must be a key focus for your legal team. For example, the origin of dynastic wealth may justify a departure from the principle of equality. However, where the needs of the spouse and any children cannot be met by matrimonial wealth alone, there may be grounds to seek to share non-matrimonial property or assets.   

Understanding the value of assets should begin at an early stage in High Net Worth Divorce proceedings. This is particularly true where non-disclosure of assets could be an issue or where a significant proportion of assets are held in offshore trusts where it takes time to unlock information.   

Osbourne Pinner can support you throughout the untangling of these complex arrangements, including seeking disclosure in overseas territories and establishing that a spouse holds significant undisclosed resources. 

Business assets in High Net Worth Divorce cases

Further complexities can arise in High Net Worth Divorces where a significant amount of assets is held in a privately owned business. Osbourne Pinner supports our clients to shed light on complex ownership structures, including inter-related onshore and offshore corporate and trust structures. 

Further complexity arises here because the assets held in the business can be difficult to distribute. In some cases, the solution requires one party to raise funds to buy shares. In other scenarios, it may be necessary to sell the business to share the assets held in the business. The Osbourne Pinner team is experienced in dealing with these issues and will support you in finding and agreeing on the best commercial outcome. 

Our services around High Net Worth Divorce

  • Establishing jurisdiction

    Osbourne Pinner works with our clients to ensure your High Net Worth Divorce case proceeds in the most favourable jurisdiction.

  • Arrangements for children

    We support you through the agreement of custody and other child arrangements, including how this affects the establishment of spousal and family needs. Our team can also support with issues related to international relocation or child abduction.

  • Understanding assets

    Understanding and ensuring full disclosure of assets is vital in any High Net Worth or Ultra High Net Worth Divorce. Our international experience unlocks complexity to shed light on the real value of matrimonial assets.

  • Protecting inherited wealth

    Where one party has significant dynastic wealth that should not fall within the considerations of the divorce settlement, our team can support you to establish the matrimonial status of those assets.

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Osbourne Pinner has a strong track record in representing High Net Worth individuals through the legal processes of divorce. With our trusted, dynamic approach, you’re assured of an optimal outcome – however, complex the considerations, assets, and structures. 

You can book a confidential consultation by calling 0203 983 5080 or by email at info@osbournepinner.com 


I asked to review my financial settlement. Within a matter of a short time, I got an appointment. My solicitor, was very professional and kind. She even offered me the chance to have a video conference if I was unable to go to the office. I felt comfortable and I was treated with respect. I felt confident in her capabilities. She was warm and put me at ease. The process was made very easy for me. Osbourne Pinner family law team was on top of my brief to them. Should I need a solicitor in the future, I will be very happy to go back. Thanks

Edward Moore

Osbourne Pinner’s family law team worked with me tirelessly to put my mind at rest throughout the divorce process. From the outset I felt reassured. I was kept up to date throughout the process. The quality, and detail of the guidance I received was realistic and allowed a high degree of trust to develop very quickly. Without hesitation, I would recommend Osbourne Pinner.Thank you to the whole family team for your professional support during this difficult time of my life.

Victoria Helena-Williams

Osbourne Pinner provided an excellent service. Dealing with a difficult and sensitive issue, over a protracted period of time, they always kept me up to date with the progress (or otherwise) of the complex matters required to reach a satisfactory conclusion. I would be happy to recommend Osbourne Pinner to anyone who needed legal expertise, especially with the kind of issue that involves complex property negotiations in divorce proceedings.

Sophie Morrow

Osbourne Pinner, and in particular their family law team were recommended to me by a good friend and trustworthy source. I have found in my dealings with them that they go the extra 'proverbial mile' in trying to help. This is not something I have experienced before with any other of the big family law firms. I am very happy with the service and will now recommend to my family, friends and colleagues.

Peter Willoughby

The team at Osbourne Pinner were absolutely fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone! Special thanks to the family team.

Robert C

They made a very difficult time much easier to deal with. Their professionalism kept me sane and focused on the outcome I needed. Special thanks to Anne for acting on my Pre-Nup in a very professional way. Professional yet sympathetic manner and the team always fights hard to defend your interests. Thank you Osbourne Pinner.

Stephan B

Thank you Osbourne Pinner for professionally dealing with my divorce and finances. I was extremely stressed over my family matter but after meeting and getting advice from family solicitor Anne, I was so relived. Thank you for all your patience.

Mrs Patel

I needed pre-nup quickly and instructed Osbourne Pinner. I received the first draft within a few days and nothing was too much trouble for the solicitor. Fee was reasonable and I will recommend this firm.

Alison D

Very honest & straight forward costumer service. Very knowledgeable & refreshing approach. I highly recommend


Such an experienced, skilled and very supportive team.


Excellent and professional service. Very clear and precise instructions and was kept well informed. Very helpful and very good at their job. big Thanks to the Team!

E. James

Thank you Osbourne Pinner for getting my settlement. I highly recommend their services.


Put my mind at ease and gave plain straight forward guidance to my rather complicated matter .


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