Refund Policy

As per the firms Refund Policy Osbourne Pinner Solicitors do not issue refunds once engagement letter has been sent and or disbursements have been paid or a liability for disbursements has been incurred.  

If you request a refund of some or all of that money,  after deducting any direct costs to us and work carried out by us associated with the processing of your matter and the processing of any refund and also any costs (including VAT and disbursements) which we have incurred in accordance with your instructions up to the date of your request for a refund.

If you would like to request a refund you should raise the matter with your solicitor in the first instance, by contacting the person dealing with your matter.  Once we have received your refund request from your solicitor/caseworker, your matter/work carried out will be assessed by the accounts team. Our accounts team will refund any money due to you via bank transfer within 28 working days of that agreement.