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How to Avoid Sponsor Licence Revocation?

A sponsor licence allows a UK-based firm to sponsor (hire) workers from abroad. It enables the businesses to furnish a certificate of sponsorship to foreign workers so as to allow them to apply for a tier-2 sponsor licence or tier-5 work visa. The business or companies must have sponsor licence power in order to hire workers from abroad. But there are times when the licence might face sponsor licence revocation for failing to meet the rules set by the Home Office. Sponsor licence revocation hampers the ability to issue the certificates of sponsorship of the companies.

Why Might Your Licence Get Revoked?

The home office can revoke a company’s licence due to a number of reasons, most of which are mandatory, while some are discretionary. The home office can revoke sponsorship for the reasons including, but not limited to the following:

  • the sponsor intentionally provided false information on their application for the licence
  • A B-rated sponsor who has not obliged any of the requirements of their action plan within the stipulated time period
  • The sponsor has employed a worker in a job that does not meet his skill level

In some other circumstances where companies fail to comply with the rules set by the Home Office, their licence can be suspended or downgraded. As a prominent immigration law firm, we help businesses comply with the legal mandates of the Home Office regarding work permits. Consult a Immigration solicitor uk to learn better about work permits.

Tips to Avoid Revocation

Understanding the importance of licence compliance should not be scary, but it should be aimed to explain the key personnel cause and effect. Key personnel should understand the risks associated with the revocation through proper training and information. Our immigration law firm suggests:

  • Business owners attend some sort of training on maintaining compliance for the sponsor licence and consequences of the revocation of licence by the Home Office.
  • Regularly review the procedures and improve them so as to make recording and reporting of the requirements watertight. You can review the procedure for legal compliance with the help of our visa solicitors at Osbourne Pinner.
  • Audit the HR files for the settled and sponsored workers to check their right to work in the UK. Ensure that all the checks have been carried out and all the licence reporting has been complied with.
  • Get the external audit done by recognised UK immigration solicitors. This helps to highlight procedural faults and helps businesses be aware of the new requirements laid out by the Home Office.
  • Get quick advice on the immigration laws when you face any issue with licence compliance.
  • Create an environment where the personnel is comfortable with reporting when a mistake or error has been made. Develop a system that ensures a mistake is not repeated.

Simply put, businesses must be forthcoming and honest with the Home Office. Make sure that all the legal norms have been complied with and all the necessary proofs and documents of the worker hired from abroad. It is better to consider a Sponsor licence solicitor to avoid revocation of sponsor licence.

How Can Osbourne Pinner Help?

We have a team of expert immigration solicitors who help clients obtain sponsor licence UK and facilitate hiring workers from foreign countries. We help clients who are facing stringent actions of the Home Office and help them understand the legal complexities of the immigration laws. We are the best immigration law firm in the UK that offers aid and assistance to both workers and companies.

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