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Ioannis Karamarias

Immigration Solicitor

Ioannis is a Senior Immigration Solicitor. Ioannis has an extensive experience in Business and Individual Immigration which includes EU/EEA, (EU Settlement Scheme Leave to Remain and EU Settlement Scheme Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK), and non-EU/EEA Immigration Law.

Ioannis is committed to delve into the detailed background of facts of the clients’ cases and subsequently, break down the facts of the case to separate sub-topics and go through them carefully and thoroughly, applying the relevant law to each of them and substantiating them with evidence with a view to produce for each of the clients concerned the desired outcome. 

Areas of Specialism 

  • Visitor’s Visas
  • Naturalisation applications,
  • EU Settlement Scheme, namely pre-settled and settled status applications,
  • FLR(FP) applications, 
  • FLR(HRO) applications,
  • FLR(M) cases as a spouse for British citizen/person present and settled in the UK,
  • Entry Clearances as a Spouse of a British citizen/person present and settled in the UK, 
  • Appeals to the First-tier Tribunal and from the First-tier Tribunal to the Upper Tribunal and all the way through, where necessary, to the Court of Appeal, Asylum Appeal cases,
  • Student Visas, (from outside and inside the UK), 
  • Asylum appeals, (preparing Witness Statements and Appeal Bundles as well as, on certain occasions, Skeleton Arguments, as well as,
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, (based on 10 years’ continuous lawful residence in the UK). 
  • Skilled Worker Visas applications,
  • Licence Sponsorship Visa applications
  • Global Talent Visa applications
  • Administrative Review applications, (for Naturalisation applications as well for the Skilled Worker, Licence Sponsorship and Global Talent Visa applications)
  • Applications for Permission for a Judicial Review hearing 

Career Highlights

I have been instructed by a client, from a non-EU country, (who had been stranded in the UK, being temporarily in this country initially with visitor’s Visa, in 2020, due to COVID restrictions and lockdowns, but being accommodated by her son, in the UK, who is a naturalised British citizen), to challenge on her behalf, by way of an appeal application to the First-tier Tribunal, (after her initial Leave to Remain in the UK/FLR(HRO) application had been refused by the Home Office), as an adult dependent relative, (mother of a British citizen); managed to prove with sound, (subjective and objective) evidence, (through the Witness Statements and citing the relevant case and statutory law in the Skeleton Argument), that while she was living in her country, she had been all alone, with no support from close family members and relatives, suffering from various mental health problems and also being vulnerable, due to her advanced age, to various challenges of the everyday life; the Bundle was so thorough and the arguments that were put forward were very well substantiated by evidence that the Home Office Presenting Officers decided to withdraw from the appeal hearing that was due to take place in a few days’ time and grant her Leave to Remain in the UK on compassionate circumstances. 

I have been instructed by another client, (from a non-EU country), to deal with his Leave to Remain in the UK; he got married to an EU/EEA citizen with pre-settled status, but the marriage took place in May 2021, (namely after 31st December 2020), and the client was at that time, an over-stayer in the UK; therefore, there was no way to apply from outside the UK, with a view to be granted pre-settled status, (or to apply for an EU Settlement Scheme family permit, since the client was not outside the UK when I was instructed by me to apply for his Leave to Remain). So, the only solution was to apply for an FLR(FP), as the spouse of an EU/EEA citizen with pre-settled status; the initial application was refused; but in the appeal process, (to the First-tier Tribunal), through the evidence used to support the Witness Statements and the case and statutory law cited as part of the Skeleton Argument, I managed to prove that he client/Appellant had an established family life in the UK, pursuant to Article 8 of the ECHR, (he had close ties with some of the relatives of his wife, one of whom was also a British citizen and who were willing to employ him once he was granted Leave to Remain), and that his EU/EEA wife, although born in the Appellant’s country), had moved to another country since she had been a child and therefore, she had not spent her formative years there, and was running the risk, upon being forced to follow the Appellant, (her husband), there, of not being integrated into the society of the Appellant’s country, and therefore, of not being treated an an “insider”, there. The evidence of the Appeal Bundle was strong enough to dissuade the Home Office Presenting Officers from attending the First-Tier Tribunal hearing; they decided, instead, to withdraw from the Appeal and granted the client Leave to Remain in the UK, (this happened in early 2022). 

Membership & Recognition

  • Qualified as a Solicitor in England and Wales on 2nd January 2018
  • Earned a Master’s Degree in Law, (LLM), with Merit, from Queen Mary, (University of London), in November 2008
  • Earned a Master’s Degree in Law, (LLM), from University of Bristol in February 2003


I asked to review my financial settlement. Within a matter of a short time, I got an appointment. My solicitor, was very professional and kind. She even offered me the chance to have a video conference if I was unable to go to the office. I felt comfortable and I was treated with respect. I felt confident in her capabilities. She was warm and put me at ease. The process was made very easy for me. Osbourne Pinner family law team was on top of my brief to them. Should I need a solicitor in the future, I will be very happy to go back. Thanks

Edward Moore

Osbourne Pinner’s family law team worked with me tirelessly to put my mind at rest throughout the divorce process. From the outset I felt reassured. I was kept up to date throughout the process. The quality, and detail of the guidance I received was realistic and allowed a high degree of trust to develop very quickly. Without hesitation, I would recommend Osbourne Pinner.Thank you to the whole family team for your professional support during this difficult time of my life.

Victoria Helena-Williams

Osbourne Pinner provided an excellent service. Dealing with a difficult and sensitive issue, over a protracted period of time, they always kept me up to date with the progress (or otherwise) of the complex matters required to reach a satisfactory conclusion. I would be happy to recommend Osbourne Pinner to anyone who needed legal expertise, especially with the kind of issue that involves complex property negotiations in divorce proceedings.

Sophie Morrow

Osbourne Pinner, and in particular their family law team were recommended to me by a good friend and trustworthy source. I have found in my dealings with them that they go the extra 'proverbial mile' in trying to help. This is not something I have experienced before with any other of the big family law firms. I am very happy with the service and will now recommend to my family, friends and colleagues.

Peter Willoughby

Osbourne Pinner in London I could have ever dealt with. From how my case was handled, the communication, replying to my calls and explaining to me in detail about the law. Special thanks to Kanchan Gooransingh ’s my personal advisor in getting my spouse visa processed very quickly and professionally.If you are looking for a professional and exceptional value for money service then, look no further. The team at Osbourne Pinner are thorough, professional and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend you give them a call, give them a try and judge for yourself. 5 Star is an understatement. All the best to all especially, Kanchan Gooransingh. Many thanks for your assistance & brilliant service.

Getnet Zeriune

Maja was amazing! Right of the bat, she was very responsive and provided individual attention to our matter. We spoke with many firms, before we decided to move forward with Atlas and our first impression just stood out. We were working on a deadline and Maja was exceptional in handling all aspects. She was able to represent us, highlighting our strength as opposed to a cookie cutter application. Throughout the entire process we were very impressed with Maja's preparation, thoroughness and attention to detail. I'm sure we will go back to her should any other immigration matter arise. Kudos!

Athul Ramkumar

Very honest & straight forward costumer service. Very knowledgeable & refreshing approach. I highly recommend


The team at Osbourne Pinner were absolutely fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone! Special thanks to the family team.

Robert C

Excellent and professional service. Very clear and precise instructions and was kept well informed. Very helpful and very good at their job. big Thanks to the Team!

E. James

“They are very cooperative and everything is done on time. We are very thankful to the efficient work on my company’s sponsorship licence . Would recommend to anyone who needs help with their visa matter.”


My experience with Osbourne Pinnerwas absolutely pleasant from step 1. I did an application for Tier 1 Entrepreneur for myself. Solicitor Sabina was always available and very helpful with every step of the whole process. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone that is trying to apply for Tier1.

Y. Ohun

Osbourne Pinner Immigration team is an expert lawyer with great knowledge in immigration law. They helped us in our immigration matter and we appreciate his help and advice throughout the whole process.

Y- Jasmin

Thank you Osbourne Pinner for getting my settlement. I highly recommend their services.


Such an experienced, skilled and very supportive team.


Put my mind at ease and gave plain straight forward guidance to my rather complicated matter .


If you looking for the best immigration lawyers in town look no further as atlas law solicitors outweighs the rest,I have my leave to remain thanks to them…every lawyer I went to said my case will have to go to court etc but they were able to get my residency permit in less than 3 months yep they are that good.Get in touch with them today and you will be glad you did!

Nana Afia Bossman

They made a very difficult time much easier to deal with. Their professionalism kept me sane and focused on the outcome I needed. Special thanks to Anne for acting on my Pre-Nup in a very professional way. Professional yet sympathetic manner and the team always fights hard to defend your interests. Thank you Osbourne Pinner.

Stephan B

Wanted to say massive thanks to the team at Osbourne Pinner for my ILR application! Mrs Kanchan was very professional throughout the process. She exactly knew what was required to get a positive outcome. She was very clear in communicating the list of documents required. I am very pleased with the successful outcome. Thanks to the entire team.

Mr Sohal

Thank you Osbourne Pinner for professionally dealing with my divorce and finances. I was extremely stressed over my family matter but after meeting and getting advice from family solicitor Anne, I was so relived. Thank you for all your patience.

Mrs Patel

Excellent service! Solicitor Kanchan dealt with my Tier 1 Exceptional Talent case. She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and diligent in her work. She was very approachable, answering any questions. I highly recommend Osbourne Pinnerfor anyone looking for immigration advice.

H Dexter

I needed pre-nup quickly and instructed Osbourne Pinner. I received the first draft within a few days and nothing was too much trouble for the solicitor. Fee was reasonable and I will recommend this firm.

Alison D

Thank you so much to Osbourne Pinner immigration team for all their hard work in preparing and submitting my application for Global talent Visa with a successful outcome. Patricia responded promptly and efficiently to any queries I had and ensured all the correct documentation was submitted. I would highly recommend Osbourne Pinner Corporate Immigration team.

Saeed Abdulla

Excellent service by Osbourne Pinner Immigration team, who quickly dealt with the issues other lawyers could not solve. Samina & Patricia helped our close long-standing client to get a successful Entrepreneur visa after complex journey of refusal from other law firms. l. I can’t begin to express my gratitude and will recommend our high-net-worth clients to Osbourne Pinner.

Mohammad Alnaggar

We worked with the corporate Immigration Team to support our Company’s sponsors licence and our employees Tier 2 General visa application process. We had attempted to do this ourselves but professional guidance from Samina & her knowledgeable colleague Maria and advise took so much stress and anxiety out of the already confusing process. Thank you so much.

Martin Laker

It's been a great pleasure working with Osbourne Immigration Team. Being based in Dubai I felt like I needed a local firm however Samina and Maria were always on hand. It's been a lovely experience. Obviously, the Global talent visa application process is always stressful, but the team has been very supportive throughout the application process and has given me all the information I needed. I have recommended by fellow professionals in Dubai after my successful application. I will definitely pop round when I’m next in London.

Mustafa Sheriff

I got a positive result on my UK Start Up visa application within a couple of weeks. The entire process was very straightforward and was handled efficiently by the team. I will definitely be working with Osbourne Pinner in the future.

Nawal Hassoun

Thank you, Patricia, for all your support and guidance throughout our sponsor license. Thank you for your prompt replies to calls and emails, you have always been approachable and I really appreciate your can-do attitude.

James Parkin

This is the third time I have used their service for my Tier 2 change of employment application and it was granted successfully again. Due to the complexity of my work this was not a straight forward application at all, but all thanks to Akuji and Maria who swiftly checked my documents so that my application went through smoothly. All my emails and calls were responded promptly. I highly recommend using Osbourne Pinner solicitors to anyone for their immigration matter. Thank you once again to the whole team for helping me secure my visa.

Hugh Corder

We instructed Osbourne Pinner, upon recommendation, to assist a family member with refusal of a visa. Kanchan was succinct on her advice and patient despite our frustration with the system and current circumstances. Within few months Pre-Action Protocol was submitted and granted. We would definitely use her services again and highly recommend to all my connections. Thank you so much to the whole team for all your support throughout this difficult journey.

Akbar Hussein

I just wanted to share my experience and let you know that your team carried out an exceptional job. After several recommendations I decided to instruct you for My “Global Talent Visa “. I am grateful for the time you spent reviewing my application. I especially appreciate Ms. Akuji’s and Ms. Patricia’s help with guidance and creativeness, as well as the advice on proper track in application preparation end to end life cycle. Your expertise and enthusiasm were both appreciated during a time which can be stressful for all concerned. Thank you so much and will recommend to my fellow professionals.

Sultan Al Hamar

It's been a great pleasure working with Osbourne Immigration Team. Being based in Dubai I felt like I needed a local firm however their was always on hand. It's been a lovely experience. Obviously, the Global talent visa application process is always stressful, but the team has been very supportive throughout the application process and has given me all the information I needed. I have recommended by fellow professionals in Dubai after my successful application. I will definitely pop round when I’m next in London.


It's been a great pleasure working with Osbourne Immigration Team. Being based in Dubai I felt like I needed a local firm however their team was always on hand. It's been a lovely experience. Obviously, the Global talent visa application process is always stressful, but the team has been very supportive throughout the application process and has given me all the information I needed. I have recommended by fellow professionals in Dubai after my successful application. I will definitely pop round when I’m next in London..

Omar Sajjad

This review is in regard to Riyadh to UK Sole Representative visa for my business. Their location and staff availability were the first thing that stood out. Solicitor Akuji & Patricia handled the application process with great professionalism and we are grateful, Samina is an outstanding solicitor and gave us the best and most professional service we could ever ask for. There was never a time when Patricia was not available to help and to answer all our questions. Additionally, Samina went out of her way to make sure that all of our sensitive documents were protected and kept secure throughout our application process. They both worked so diligently on our visa application that it ended up being approved almost a month and half earlier than we expected. I highly recommend you and your team at Osbourne Pinner to anyone that requires professional and experienced Corporate Immigration work.

Massud Emair

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