Divorce the ‘New Normal’ for Post Lockdown Relationships

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The COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdown has been tough on all of us. Now we’re slowly coming out of lockdown, we’re hearing everyone from employers to politicians talking about the ‘new normal’.
That usually refers to remote working or socially distanced restaurants. But for many couples, who have their relationships tested by lockdown, that ‘new normal’ may mean divorce. In this post, we’ll explore the options available for struggling post-lockdown relationships.
Why so many relationships struggled during lockdown
As with the Christmas holidays and summer break, divorces tend to spike after families have spent a significant chunk of time together. COVID-19 lockdowns have pushed this theory to the extreme and forced couples to shelter in place for months. In between working from home, social distancing and travel restrictions, couples have fallen deep into each other’s orbits and this hasn’t necessarily ended well.
Chances are it’s always been coming
Divorces often take years, sometimes decades to materialise. Often couples will try to fix their marriage with a sun-drenched holiday or by taking up a new hobby. Parents will pledge to make sacrifices and stay together for the kids. Other partners find solace in affairs or even sexual services.
The COVID-19 lockdown has wiped all these options off the table. With nowhere to turn, many couples are emerging from the nationwide lockdowns with divorce papers in hand. While ending a marriage can be emotional and traumatic, in many ways the lockdown has been a blessing in disguise for couples on the rocks. Instead of flipflopping for years, many couples can now move forward with a divorce with the peace of mind they’re making the right decision.
How to keep a divorce smooth and stress free
Of course, there’s always going to be some element of stress and emotion during a divorce. That said, if you’re part of a couple emerging from lockdown with divorce on the horizon, there are some things you can do to keep things as smooth and stress free as possible.
  • Practice empathy
When going through a divorce it’s important to try and see things from your partner’s perspective. Sometimes divorces are mutual and other times they’re one sided. Whatever your scenario, practicing empathy during a divorce can really help to turn the shockwaves into tremors. Amicability between partners makes things much easier, especially if there are kids involved. So, whenever possible, keep things calm and stay gracious.
  • Seek advice from the experts
Ending a marriage comes with a whole lot of red tape. From dividing assets and finalising consent orders to arranging custody of children, enlisting the help of a qualified divorce solicitor makes the entire process faster, easier and less stressful. If things get messy, which is unfortunately all too common during divorce proceedings, it pays to have experts on your side.
Get help from the team at Osbourne Pinner
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