How can IT Companies use the Sponsor Licence in the UK?

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The UK government strictly regulates the influx of immigration of migrant workers into the UK. Foreign nationals looking for work and settling in the UK need to get a job offer from companies with sponsor licences. If you are an international student currently studying in the UK, you will have to obtain a job offer from a licensed company before the tier 2 visa expires. The sponsor licence covers a wide range of skilled occupations, including teaching, healthcare, and IT, among others. With changing guidelines of the home office, the companies must seek the help of UK immigration solicitors to navigate the rules and regulations.

What is a Sponsor License?

Formerly known as tier 2 Sponsor Licence, this license allows UK-based companies to hire skilled workers from foreign countries. Applicants under this visa route can switch from other visa types like tier 4 students and tier 2 visas. Once the visa under this route is granted, it remains valid for four years with an option to renew it.

Eligibility Requirements of a Sponsor Licence

Those companies that have a presence in the UK and are operating or trading legally in the UK are eligible to apply for the licence to hire foreign workers. Organisations having multiple branches may apply for one tier 2 Sponsor Licence to cover all the branches. The home office must be satisfied that a company is capable of offering genuine employment under the mandated skilled occupation for the correct salary scale. As part of the sponsor licence application, companies also accept all the duties associated with obtaining a sponsor licence.

How can IT Companies use the Sponsorship Licence?

The sponsorship licence covers a wide range of professions with an appropriate salary scale specified by the home office. The IT sector is one of the growing sectors of the UK economy. To be able to keep up with the market competition, companies have to hire IT professionals with modern skillsets. IT companies must obtain sponsorship licences to hire workers from foreign countries. IT companies having a global presence can use this licence for Intra-company transfers to the UK office from foreign offices. The licence of sponsorship allows the best professionals to settle and work in the UK. It facilitates a boost to the technology sector of the United Kingdom by hiring the best-skilled workers from foreign countries. You can hire UK immigration solicitors to understand the utility and benefits of having the licence of sponsorship.

Advantages of Sponsor Licence

Once a company obtains the sponsorship licence application, it is registered with the home office as a sponsor. The sponsor company can then issue the certificates of sponsorship to skilled non-UK professionals who meet the eligibility requirements. For companies working in the IT sector, hiring skilled talent from overseas is crucial to the successful operation and growth of the business. The importance of this route has increased after Brexit.

Guidance for Sponsorship Licence at Osbourne Pinner

There have been changes in the immigration law as the freedom of movement came to an end with Brexit. Hence, it is imperative for companies to hire professional UK immigration solicitors to help them get approval for hiring overseas talent. At Osbourne Pinner, we offer guidance and consultations for companies to obtain and maintain the licence of sponsorship. We keep you abreast with the changes in the immigration laws and regulations and help you present a strong application to the home office. Our UK immigration solicitors will provide tailored support and representation to your organisation and keep you compliant with licence duties at all times.

How can the UK Immigration Solicitors at Osbourne Pinner help?

We have a team of experienced visa Solicitors that have years of experience handling matters related to the UK Sponsor Licence applications and Business Visas. We provide legal assistance to young entrepreneurs looking to establish and expand a new business in the UK. We help our clients make a strong application and comply with the requirements of the Home Office.

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