How to Switch from a Tier 2 Visa to a Global Talent Visa?

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If you are thinking of switching from a Tier 2 visa to a UK global talent visa Osbourne Pinner’s expert UK solicitors can help

The UK Global Talent visa is designed specifically for foreign nationals above 18 years who display exceptional talent and the ability to contribute to growing the UK’s position within the global economy. Applicants who show promise or significant talent in engineering, medicine, science, arts, humanities, architecture, films, fashion, or digital technology can apply through this route to enter, live, and work in the UK.

The UK has rolled out this visa to attract the best and the most promising talent from around the globe with an objective to lead the way with innovations, creativity, and cutting-edge expertise in the respective fields. New regulatory changes in the immigration laws on December 1st, 2020 has made it easy for people living in the UK under tier 2 visa to switch under a UK Global Talent visa. In this blog, prepared by the best employment lawyers in London, we talk about the global talent immigration route and the process of switching to it.

Difference between Tier 2 visa and Global Talent route

There are some important differences between the skilled worker route (tier 2) and the global talent route. The major difference lies in the application process. The tier 2 visa applications are managed by the company hiring skilled workers instead of the applicant themselves. The visa application cost in the tier 2 visa is covered mostly by the licensed sponsor.

In most situations, the applicant will have a decent chance of getting approval. However, the ability to stay in the UK depends on the job role and the sponsoring employer. It implies that if the applicant wants to change their job, they will need to be sponsored by another licensed company. On the contrary, the global talent route offers more flexibility to applicants who can change jobs, take up a part-time job apart from their main job, or even establish their own business. The applicant can do all these without requiring to inform the home office. If the global talent visa holders want to obtain permanent residency in the UK, they have to continue working in the field mentioned on their visas. You can get the help of UK immigration solicitors to help you understand the purpose and benefits of both visas.

Switching from tier 2 route to global talent immigration route

It is possible to switch to the global talent visa route only if the applicant is living in the UK under tier 1, tier 2 visa, tier 5, a startup visa, or an innovator visa. However, the applicant will still require completing a successful endorsement application. To know more about the endorsing bodies and endorsement applications, you can seek legal counsel from UK immigration solicitors.

If you do not belong to any of the above-mentioned categories, you will not be allowed to switch to the global talent route. You can, however, still be eligible for the visa if you apply from outside the country. The immigration rules regarding the global talent route have been made more flexible since December 1st, 2020. If an applicant makes a switch from tier 2 application to the global talent route, they can work outside their main job only if it is within the same profession and that too not more than 20 hours per week.

Switching from tier 2 to global talent visa visa category with the help and guidance from Osbourne Pinner

The global talent visa is one of the popular visa categories for migrating to the UK. Whether you are thinking of switching from an existing visa category or making a fresh application under the global talent route, UK immigration solicitors at Osbourne Pinner will provide you with expert legal support. We have years of experience in handling business immigration and individual applications for immigration to the UK, your ideal partner to help you with the switch from the tier 2 to global talent visa.

Contact our UK Immigration Solicitors for quick and professional help with the switching from tier 2 to global talent visa process.

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