J.T – Success Story of Permanent Residence & British Citizenship

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Our client approached Osbourne Pinner for advice concerning an application for naturalisation as a British Citizen. The client was a Swedish national who had been residing in the UK for over 12 years. Upon her arrival in the UK, the client enrolled in university studies. Our client commenced her self-employment immediately after completing her studies.

We advised and represented the client in acquiring Permanent Residence in the UK. After the date on which our client was deemed to have acquired was determined by the SSHD, we proceeded in submitting a naturalisation application without the need to wait for further 12 months.

We produced evidence in support of our client’s application showing that she satisfied all of the requirements and that she had been residing lawfully in the UK throughout the whole duration of her residence, of 12 years.

The nature of our client’s work required her to travel out of the UK frequently. In addition, the unprecedented circumstances of 2020 meant that our client had accumulated absences from the UK exceeding by far the permitted 450 days throughout the qualifying period and the 90 days within the last 12 months prior to the submission of the application.

Our Head of Immigration Department, Ms. Patricia, provided comprehensive and elaborated arguments in order to persuade the Home Office that discretion should be applied in our client’s case.

Following our representations, the client was successfully naturalised as a British citizen. Moreover, the client received a favourable decision only one week after her biometric appointment, which is considered a very short time. The client was delighted with the result.

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