UK Global Talent Visa – Key things to know about it

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The UK Global Talent Visa enables aspiring and skilled individuals in specific sectors to work in the UK. This visa reinstated the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa in February 2020 to attract the best and brightest international talent to the UK labour market. We will provide an overview of the UK Global Talent Visa, including the requirements, benefits, and recent changes in the UK Global Talent Visa.

What is Global Talent Visa UK?

The Global Talent visa is a High potential visa for promising and talented people in specific sectors, including sciences, humanities, digital technology, engineering, arts, and culture. This visa allows individuals to apply for permanent residency in the UK.

The Global Talent visa attracts individuals with outstanding skills and potential to work in their field and contribute to the UK’s economy and society. This visa requires individuals to have an endorsement from a designated competent body, which assesses their talent or potential and confirms that they meet the requirements of the visa route.

Applicants must demonstrate that they are a leader or potential leader in their particular field or a recognized ‘expert’ in an area or field of science or engineering. They must also have notable achievements showing outstanding talent or high professional expertise.

Global Talent Visa UK Requirements:

  • Have an accepted endorsement from a designated endorsing body.
  • Possess skills in a qualifying field of the arts, sciences, digital technology, engineering, or humanities.
  • Demonstrate that they are either a world leader or have the potential to be one in their chosen field.
  • Be earning above the established salary level.
  • Provide evidence of their qualifications, experience, and achievements.
  • Provide evidence of the English language knowledge
  • Provide valid travel documentation and tuberculosis test results where applicable.
  • Pass the Genuine Entrepreneur Test (if applying as a business person).
  • Being able to demonstrate that they are already internationally recognized at the highest level of their profession;
  • Possessing a successful track record of achievements
  • Being able to support themselves financially.

How to get UK Global Talent Visa?

You must obtain an endorsement from an approved endorsing body to get a UK Global Talent visa. Applicants must then submit an online application form and provide supporting evidence, such as proof of finance, qualifications, and awards.

After applying, the endorsing body will review the application and decide whether to endorse the applicant. If the applicant is endorsed, they must pay the visa application fee and provide biometric information. After completing these steps, the applicant will receive a decision on their application.

Global Talent Visa UK Benefits

  • Endorsement: To be eligible for the visa, the UK government must endorse you as a leader or potential leader in your field. This UK Global Talent Visa endorsement shows that the UK government values your skills and expertise and recognizes the significant contribution you can make to the UK economy.
  • Flexible Stay: The visa allows you to stay in the UK for five years. You can work, study, travel, and explore the UK and its culture during this time.
  • Family Members: If you get the Global Talent visa, you can bring your family members, and they can apply for a dependant visa and join you in the UK.
  • Fast-track processing: If you apply through the Global Talent application process, you may be eligible for fast-track processing. Your visa will be processed in three weeks, allowing you to start working in the UK sooner.
  • Settlement Rights: Holders of the Global Talent visa will have the right to settle in the UK after three years if they meet specific eligibility criteria. It could open up the possibility of gaining British citizenship.
  • Job Flexibility: You can enjoy greater job flexibility than those on the Skilled Worker visa and can change employers. As well as this, the Global Talent visa allows holders to pursue a career, being either self-employed or becoming a director of a company.
  • Travel abroad: Applying for the Global Talent visa allows you to travel abroad for research purposes and provides an opportunity to become a permanent resident in the UK with the option to apply for British citizenship if desired. It is a very attractive route for those looking to work in the arts, sciences, or digital technology and offers excellent flexibility and potential for growth.

Recent Immigration Updates

  • Tech Nation Ceasing Operations: Tech Nation, the organization responsible for assessing applications for the Global Talent visa, will cease operations on March 31, 2023. Despite this change, Tech Nation continues the assessment of digital technology applications for the Global Talent visa.
  • Immigration Update: Qatari individuals who do not currently have a valid UK visa will need to get an ETA before going to the UK from November 15, 2023. The travel restriction will get extended to citizens of Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates from February 15, 2024.
  • Financial Requirements: Applicants must now have a minimum of £1,334 per month in savings to be eligible for the visa. It is in addition to the existing requirements for employment and funds for dependents.
  • Personal Statement: Applicants must now include a personal statement outlining why they apply for the UK Global Talent Endorsement. It should include details of their skills, experience, and achievements in the endorsement criteria.

How Osbourne Pinner Can Help You?

The UK Global Talent Visa is an excellent opportunity for those looking to work and live in the UK. It offers a simple but effective route for those who possess exceptional talent and potential in their field and can prove it with evidence. The application and endorsement process is relatively straightforward, and the chances of success are high among applicants. The visa provides easier access to work for employers or self-employment in the field of expertise. The UK Global Talent visa offers an ideal route for those wishing to achieve their dreams in the UK.

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