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The UK government revealed a new post-study work visa for international students studying in the UK to stay and look for a job for up to two years from their graduation date. This new UK work visa is touted as the flagship initiative to make the UK more attractive for international students. The new rule would come into force in the summer of 2021 so that the new graduates during that period will be eligible to apply under this new immigration route. If you are one of those who are looking to extend their stay in the UK after your college, then contact the visa Solicitor at Osbourne Pinner for assistance with the application procedure.

Requirements for Post-Study Work Visa

The UK government has indicated that the following set of criteria is to be met for the applicants looking to apply under the Post-Study work visa route.

  • The post-study UK work visa will be available to those international students who have finished an undergraduate or above from an approved higher education provider with a proven track record of compliance.
  • It is also available for those who have valid tier-4 permission at the time of applying under this route.
  • Graduates will be eligible to apply under the skilled worker route from within the UK after they find a suitable job.
  • There will also be a visa charge of 700 pounds along with the immigration health surcharge at a complete rate of 264 pounds every year to be paid for this visa.
  • Students who started their courses in autumn 2020 but have not been able to travel to the UK due to Covid-19 have until 21st June 2021 to enter the UK under the student visa to be able to apply for the Graduate route. Applicants who started their course in January or February 2021 will have to arrive in the UK on or before 27th September 2021.

However, you will not be able to apply for the Post-Study work visa if your student visa expires before the new UK work visa comes into force.

Duration of Stay and Extension Prospects

Successful applicants who have finished their undergraduate or master’s education from an approved higher education institution can stay for a period of no more than two years in the UK and look for a job. On the other hand, PhD graduates will be allowed to stay for a maximum duration of 3 years after completing their degree. However, immigrants can apply for extensions under different routes after completing their stay under the Post-Study work visa. They can switch either to the skilled worker route, global talent visa, or Tier-2 visa. If you are looking for guidance on applying for a new work visa or any other immigration visa, get in touch with our visa solicitor at Osbourne Pinner.

Will the Post-Study Work Visa Require a New Application?

Yes, the applicants will have to submit a new visa application to apply under the new Graduate route. The application will have to be made from within the United Kingdom only. Students will also be required to know the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies that they used with their last visa application to apply under the new work visa route.

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Our experienced and dedicated team of legal advisors and immigration experts at Osbourne Pinner strives to offer comprehensive assistance to the Post-Study UK work visa applicants. If you are looking to assess your eligibility and meet other visa requirements, then book a consultation with our visa solicitor. We will help you identify the best route for staying and working in the UK and help you with all the legal requirements to prevent you from committing any procedural violations. Osbourne Pinner is the best law firm in London dealing with immigration laws and offers reliable services.

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