UK’s Immigration Policy for Healthcare Workers

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A Healthcare Worker visa permits medical professionals to visit or stay in the UK to do a job with the NHS, adult social care or an NHS supplier.

If you have started living in the UK before 1 January 2021, you can apply for the free EU Settlement Scheme. Else you require a visa to work in the UK.

Eligibility Criteria


To qualify for a HealthCare Worker visa, you should:

  • be a qualified health professional or an adult social care professional
  • be working in eligible health or social care job
  • be working for a UK employer that the Home Office has approved
  • be paid a minimum salary
  • have a legal document of sponsorship from your employer with detailed information about the role you have been offered in the UK

Knowledge of English

You should be able to speak, write, read and understand English. You are usually required to prove your knowledge of English when you apply for the visa.

Duration of stay

Your visa can last for the duration of five years before you are required to extend it. You are required to further apply to extend your visa when it expires or if you change employer or job.

If you want to stay for a longer duration in the UK

You can apply to further extend your visa as many times as you want and as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

After five years, you can further apply to settle permanently in the UK. This gives you the right to live, study and work in the UK as long as you like. It is advisable to consult Lawyers in london to extend your stay.

How to apply?

You are required to apply online and how you will apply depends on whether you are:

  • outside the UK
  • from the UK and switching from a different visa category
  • inside the UK and willing to extend your current visa

If you want to change your job, then you should apply in order to update your visa. You can also include your family in your application to stay in the UK if they are eligible. You can also take the help of Immigration solicitors london to apply for a visa.

How long does it take?

You can apply for your visa up to 3 months before the day you are due to start work in the UK. This date is shown on your certificate of sponsorship. As part of your application, you are required to prove your identity and provide relevant documents. It is advisable to consult lawyers in London for expert advice.

Final decision

Once you have applied online and proved your identity, and further provided your documents, you will get a decision on your visa within the time span of three weeks.

How much does it cost?

You and your family members each need to:

  • pay the application fee
  • prove you have enough savings

Healthcare surcharge

You and your family will not have to pay the healthcare surcharge.

What you can and cannot do?

You can:

  • work in an eligible job
  • take on additional work in some situations
  • study
  • bring your family along with you, if they are eligible
  • travel abroad and then return to the UK
  • apply to permanently settle in the UK if you have lived in the UK for the duration of 5 years and meet the other eligibility requirements

You cannot:

  • apply for benefits like public funds or the State Pension
  • change jobs unless you update your visa

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