What is the EU Settlement Scheme and Why Should You Care?

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The UK has now officially left the EU. The EU settlement scheme enables applicants to apply for either settled or pre-settled status. The EU settlement scheme was entirely phased out on 30th March 2019. A candidate is eligible to apply for the scheme if you are either:

  • An EU national with a valid passport or an identity card
  • A citizen of Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland (non-EU EEA citizens)
  • A Swiss citizen
  • An eligible family member of the above

Settled Status:

Getting a settled status would require the help of an immigration law firm. A candidate will be eligible to reside in the UK for an indefinite period if, by 31st December 2020, they have been living in the UK for five years continuously. If you were absent from the country for up to 6 months or a single period of 12 months under specific circumstances, you would still be able to apply for the scheme.

Pre-Settled Status

Applicants can apply for the limited leave to stay in the UK if they arrived in the country on or before 31st December 2020 but have not been living in the UK for five continuous years. This allows the applicants to stay in the UK until they have reached the 5-year benchmark. After living for five years, these applicants will be able to apply for the settled status. As the best immigration law firm, we help EU nationals living in the UK understand the changes in the immigration law and help them make adequate arrangements to live in the UK after Brexit takes its final effect.

How to Apply?

This blog, prepared by our immigration law experts, takes you through the application procedure. An applicant can submit the application for settled and pre-settled online. If you make any mistake on the EUSS application or any additional information is required, the Home Office will get in touch with you before deciding on your application. This allows you to correct the error and furnish additional information.

If your application is approved, you won’t receive any physical documents. You will receive physical documents only if you are a non-EEA family member or do not have a biometric residence card. Instead, you will be provided proof of the status through an online platform. Along with your application, you will have to submit the following:

  • Your identity and nationality
  • Residence proof in the UK
  • Photograph
  • Criminal convictions documentation

There are a lot of considerations to make before applying under the EU settlement scheme. Applicants must understand each immigration law related to the scheme. Requirements vary according to the type of visa you are applying for.

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