What to Discuss with Child Custody Lawyers?

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If you and your spouse decide to divorce, then the custody of the child becomes an important issue to resolve. Reaching an agreement regarding the child arrangement order needs to be as smooth as possible. Our child custody lawyers help clients to resolve the issue by minimising stress and uncertainty for their children. Issues that you have to resolve with your partner may include:

  • Where the child/children will live
  • When will your ex-partner be allowed to see your children, and when can they stay with each of you
  • Financial arrangements of your children
  • Change in the name of the children and which school would they attend

Things that you should discuss with the child custody lawyers vary greatly depending upon the unique circumstances of each case.

What Orders Can Be Made?

It is preferred that the partners come to an agreement about the issue of where the child would live and who will see them, and when they will see them. Mediation is also an option if you are not able to reach an agreement. Some of the child arrangement order you can apply for in the court under child custody are:

  • Joint custody order
  • Residence order
  • Prohibited steps order
  • Contact order
  • Specific issue order

What Happens in the Courtroom?

If your case goes to court, then you will have to explain why you want the custody. The hearing is done in front of a family panel that comprises three magistrates. The magistrates will interview each parent and ask questions about the reasons why you want custody and what arrangements are you going to make for the child. They will ask questions pertaining to how you will maintain and provide for the child. When your case goes to court, you will need to have child custody lawyers to represent you in the court.

Discuss What the Family Law Solicitor of the Other Parent Will Ask

The child custody lawyers of the other parent will ask questions pertaining to your lifestyle, home arrangements, finances, etc. They can also ask questions about any probable problems such as neglect, poor communication, and violence. The court may even appoint a welfare officer to evaluate your family home life and present a report to the family panel on the way you care and communicate with your child. You should discuss the questions they are going to ask the child about the care and living arrangements and where they would like to live.

Professional Family Law Solicitor at Osbourne Pinner

Connect with our child custody advisor, who will assess your situation and help you get custody of your child. We understand that child custody is a very emotional subject once you decide to get divorced, and it can cause a rift between the parents. Our professional lawyers in London will make sure that your arguments are presented in a way so as to help you get favourable agreement. We have years of experience in handling cases related to child custody and child arrangement order. Call us today to consult on these matters and get a strong representation in the court. Family law solicitors at Osbourne Pinner empower you to make the right decisions and ensure that the needs and welfare of your child are given the utmost priority.

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