How the UK Plans to Boost its Economy with the Graduate Route Visa

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The UK’s new Graduate route is a post-study roadway that allows students from other countries to stay in the UK after finalising their studies. It will be opened for applications from July 1, 2021, said to the UK Home Office. This route is only for the students who have finished an eligible course at a UK higher education contributor.

Concerned students must have a track record of compliance with the UK government’s immigration specification to apply. Students on the Graduate route visa will work or find a job after their studies for a maximum period of 2 years; doctoral students have three years.

With the Graduate route, students from other countries will be able to work in Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

  • The Graduate route visa is unsponsored, meaning aspirants will not need any job offer to apply for the Graduate route.
  • There are no minimum salary requirements nor caps on numbers.
  • Graduates on the route will have full flexibility to work; They can switch their jobs and develop their careers as they want.

The new route will help the UK government achieve their ambition set out in the International Education Strategy for the students based in other countries to increase the number of international aspirants in education in the UK to 600,000 by the year 2030.

Even COVID-19 is not a big hurdle for the government to work on their manifesto. Students who had started their studies in Autumn 2020 will now have time until June 21, 2021, to enter the UK (updated on April 6, 2021) they will be eligible for the Graduate route. Students who began their studies in Jan or Feb of 2021 will need to be in the UK by September 27 2021.

UK officials said that after this pandemic, they want the world’s brightest talents to grow our economy with UK immigration. Students who aspire to a career at the maximum level to rebuilt business, the arts, science, and technology to see our UK as the natural place to fulfil their aspirations and dreams.

The Graduate route visa comes as the government is willing to launch another new immigration route for UK immigration. It will help start-ups, mid-level companies and fast-growing firms to recruit the talent they need to get bigger as part of a range of measures for standard skilled migrants. As part of the UK student visa route, standard skilled migrants with a good job offer from a recognised high-growth organisation will qualify for a visa without the need for sponsorship or any other third-party endorsement.

The UK government is helping aspirants fulfil their desires and are trying to boost their economy affected by the COVID-19. With the Graduate Route Visa program and student visas, the fresh new young blood with a positive attitude enters the UK and give some new fresh ideas which will help them in boosting their economy.

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