Why Should You Call a Business Solicitor?

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When in a business, be it a service provider one or a manufacturer, there are a number of things that revolve around a person’s head to run the business efficiently. First and foremost, to have a satisfactory service or product that is to be delivered to the customer and then there’s sales and marketing along with taking care of your new extended work family: their hiring, their payments, and your business accounts, etc.. In all of this, what most people tend to neglect is hiring a business solicitor. For some, the reason may be the lack of enough capital, but for many, it is a sheer act of neglect, which the smart business person does not do.

Why is a businessperson with a business lawyer in his/her team smart?

Whether you have just started your business or you are an old player, in which case you’d be knowing it, that having a lawyer in your team is one of your best decisions you’ll ever make for your business. Enlisted are a few reasons that will answer your “WHY?”

When launching a business:

If you’re just starting your business, then there are a number of legal matters and paperwork to be taken care of. A business solicitor, particularly the one with expertise in your business field, can take off that load from your shoulders and provide you with a strong foundation upon which you can build your business without any worries. A small chunk of investment here will help you from losing huge amounts of money in the long run. Whether your business type is that of a corporate or a sole proprietorship, the paperwork and tax implications for each are different and thus, are a bit confusing. A lawyer/ law firm, such as Osbourne Pinner, well informed about all the highlights and limitations of these different kinds of business formations can also advise you in choosing a business formation keeping your interests and plans in mind if you are not so sure about that as well. And if you’re sure about your business formations, still, a few meetings with your lawyer can help you realize that there are a number of legal pitfalls that you weren’t even aware of.

Tax Records:

As mentioned, taxes vary as per your business formations, and your lawyer can help you in selecting one as per your need. Apart from that, keeping a proper record of your taxes, their deadlines and filings are crucial that Osbourne Pinner will take care of to focus on your business. They will also help you in navigating through those taxes and help you get any returns, credits or deductions that otherwise you might not notice and thus, your lawyer will be able to help you save money in the tax seasons.

Binding Contracts

It is important to have a contract, have everything on the papers so that both the sides can have a clear understanding of what to expect from the other one.

Contracts for Partnerships

If you’re starting your business in partnership with a family member or a friend, having proper contracts with all terms and conditions mentioned is essential to avoid an ugly scenario down the road.

When Incorporating your Business, Sale or Purchase of a Business

Same goes for the times when you are incorporating your business with another firm or when you are buying one or getting sold; you will need a foolproof contract with no loops to ensure that yours and the other party’s interests are well intact. In fact, having your lawyer at the time of negotiations can help you a lot as they can provide advice and proactive suggestions that can tilt the field in your favour as they will look for the grounds where you can have the most growth, profits and flexibility.

When dealing with Clients and Associates

When you have to deal with your client or vendor or associate or anyone with whom you have to get intimate with; a good, airtight contract will help you dodge a number of ugly scenarios that you might have to see otherwise. It will prevent any unreasonable claims and prevent any issues. Osbourne Pinner as your lawyer can help to serve a legal notice for the scenarios when they are not paying their dues and guide you through the next steps you can take.

Hiring and Terminations:

Having a no- loops contract; which is in line with the rules, codes and regulations; for the times when you’re hiring or terminating an employee will save you from any lawsuits and unreasonable claims. This is good as it will prevent you from running to courts and because having everything clear with your employees at the beginning itself will prevent any misunderstandings, and you’ll get good candidates to join your workforce. You can also make a proper handbook for your employees to outline your policies. A good non disclosure agreement will also prevent your employees from joining with your competitors and sharing your information to be used against you.

Dealing with Bankruptcy:

Times are never the same, which means a company may see days when the economy is not thriving, which takes a toll on the company. You may be led to situations which were totally unwarranted and may be unrecoverable. But, that does not mean that it is the end of the road. Consult Osbourne Pinner, and you might be able to find a number of solutions that can help you navigate through such times, and may also help you to flourish even more.

Court Representation:

A day might arise when you may have to appear in the court and in those times, you’ll find Osbourne Pinner as your business lawyer by your side, and they will keep your interests in mind and fight for you. Therefore, keeping your lawyer acquainted about any issue you feel may lead to the courtroom is important.

Client Satisfaction

Osbourne Pinner has a chain of highly satisfied clients. At Osbourne Pinner, we do not measure our success by the consultancy fees we take, but by the amount of fulfilled clients. Everything we do is focused on complete satisfaction as a client.

Result Driven

We have a team of highly experienced, dedicated and professional lawyers who are all into providing you with the aid that you need. Osbourne Pinner has efficiently driven each and every case that they have handled towards a positive outcome for the client.

Fast Solutions

We’re available ready to serve your legal needs round the clock. Apart from the usual office hours, you can reach us 24/7 via a phone call to guarantee you receive prompt legal advice when you need it the most.

Professional Team

Thorough preparation, attention to detail and reliability – these are some of the qualities that we passionately follow as a professional team of family law and immigration solicitors. Anything less than excellence isn’t good enough.

No Hidden Charges

As a fully transparent law firm, our charges are clear. There are no hidden costs. We develop strong bonds with our clients, and that’s only possible with trust. Everything is communicated simply and clearly, with utmost integrity and honesty.

Confidential Services

We ensure absolute privacy and confidentiality to our clients. All information and data are stored safely, with the most robust security procedures in place – and only accessible to our solicitors.

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