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One of the major benefits of expanding businesses in the UK is that it has a booming economy that is helped by easy regulatory norms that enhances its ease of doing business. The UK has the second-largest workforce in the European continent and has a very suitable environment for young entrepreneurs and new businesses to grow. However, if you are a company involved in sectors such as tech, agriculture, and finance, it is but imperative that you have to rope in the workforce from other countries to meet consumer demands, launch new and innovative products and expand your business. And to recruit global talent, a UK-based company will require having a tier- 2 Sponsor Licence.

What is a Sponsor License?

A Sponsor Licence is a permit granted by the Home Office that allows UK-based businesses to recruit skilled global talent and employ them in their companies to augment their business process. A licence, once approved, is valid for four years and can be renewed.

Why should you expand your business in the UK?

There are many reasons why you should consider expanding your business in the UK. As a business immigration expert, we have put together some compelling reasons to choose the UK as your place of business.

  • Thriving economy: the UK is currently the fastest growing economy in the European continent and is the world’s fifth-largest economy. It received over 6.8 billion pounds in investment in 2019 and is considered a hot market for the digital and tech industries. You will, however, need a sponsor licence to operate your business with overseas skilled workers.
  • Gateway to the world: London is one of the most connected places in the world and has the ability to connect your business to Europe and Asia. The UK has enormous expansion opportunities in itself. However, it is not everything about London. The United Kingdom is filled with tech and business clusters such as Cambridge, Manchester, Bristol, and Edinburgh, to name a few.
  • Dynamic Infrastructure: the UK has the largest airfare network in Europe and offers the fastest internet and broadband connectivity to help businesses grow quickly. UK’s Infrastructure supports the tech companies to rise rapidly.
  • Global Talent: The UK is a pool house of global talent. Any UK-based business looking to hire skilled workers from overseas will have to obtain a tier-2 sponsor licence. The country is rated as one of the top nations for employing and retaining world-class talent. UK’s culture and lifestyle also attract skilled workers from around the world to live and work in the UK.
  • Innovation-Friendly: the UK is highly rated for its open attitude towards a wide range of businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs, and innovations. The UK government is also looking to attract young entrepreneurs from around the world with their entrepreneur visas and special tax rates.

How to Obtain a Sponsor Licence?

Applying to a tier-2 sponsor licence is fairly easy and straightforward. In order to be eligible for the licence, you must prove that your business is:

  • Legally trading within the UK
  • Has suitable planning permission
  • Honest, reliable, and dependable and will not indulge in any activity to compromise immigration control
  • Has the necessary HR processes to comply with the duties and responsibilities of the said licence

Business Immigration Solicitors at Osbourne Pinner

At Osbourne Pinner, we have a UK immigration solicitors team who helps you apply for a tier-2 sponsor licence and achieve long-standing compliance with all the Home Office requirements. Since it is necessary for companies hiring international talent to obtain sponsor licence, we help them manage their licence duties and responsibilities and keep them abreast with any changes to relevant regulations.

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