Impact of Digitalisation on the UK Immigration System

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The spread of the covid-19 pandemic saw the whole world adjust to a new normal, and it was also visible with the immigration department of the United Kingdom. The UK government has invested around 38 million pounds in improving the digital infrastructure to assist government departments like the Home Office in improving their efficiency and processing time. The move to digitalisation came along with significant changes in immigration laws. However, this was met by a fair amount of criticism by both applicants and the immigration law firms.

Immigration Process Post-Digitalisation

Applicants have to send their complete applications along with other necessary documents and biometrics to the Home Office for the application to be reviewed. The Home Office has outsourced the responsibility of scanning the biometrics and documents of the applicants to a third-party contractor. They scan and pass on the documents to the home office. At Osbourne Pinner, we offer immigration consultancy services to help the applicants comfortably submit their applications to the home office.

Impacts of Digitalisation over the Immigration System of the UK

With digitalisation, there have been concerns raised over several issues like data protection, cost, lack of training for the personnel working for the Home Office and the court, complexities in the application process, and many more. The immigration laws were already complex, and now the added baggage of the digital process without a proper infrastructure to handle the transformation will make it even more difficult for the applicants to make proper applications for their visas. Luckily, with the expert and trained professionals at the immigration law firm Osbourne Pinner you can easily circumvent the complex process of filling an online application.

Data Protection:

With third-party contractors being involved in booking appointments and scanning crucial information like biometrics, there is always the risk of privacy concerns and data protection. Particularly with asylum considerations and humanitarian protection programs, the leak of sensitive, confidential data could put the lives of the applicants in danger. This would be a direct breach of trust that people place on the UK immigration laws.


At present, the Home Office application charges are among the costliest in the world. Now with the additional charges involved with the scanning of documents and biometrics will make the entire process of visa applications less accessible for people from low-income backgrounds. Earlier the biometrics was taken at the Post Office, which cost 19.99 pounds, and now, with a third-party contractor, it costs around 159.99 pounds.

Lack of Training:

A number of immigration consultancy services providers are not familiar with the new digital system. Therefore, they advise incorrectly to the distressed migrants on how to correctly file the application. This eventually leads to incorrect documentation, which results in going around the process repeatedly or, in extreme cases, rejection of the visas. That is why the team of lawyers in London at Osbourne Pinner is the best when it comes to guiding the applicants correctly on how to file the application digitally with the Home Office.


The Home Office has been able to digitise only the part processes and send the appeal forms and refusals via post. This causes inconsistency as letters arrived by post are often backdated, and the date of arrival of the letter is rejected. This leaves the applicants with no time to respond, which later causes rejection of their application.

Smart Immigration Consultancy Services at Osbourne Pinner

Contact the experienced team of immigration solicitors at Osbourne Pinner if you need help with understanding the immigration laws and successfully filing an application with the Home Office for all kinds of UK visas. We aim to help clients begin or extend their stay in the UK lawfully through our immigration consultancy services. Our team is highly qualified and takes a practical approach when dealing with immigration rules. It makes sure that you do not get entangled within the complexities of the impractical immigration process. We are the best immigration law firm in London.

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