How British Politics Affecting Immigration in the UK?

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Brexit has allowed higher control on the flow of immigration work visa holders to the UK from the rest of the European Union. Now, natives are concerned that the increasing immigration rate might negatively impact their wages, life standard and jobs. However, the high rate of immigration migrants indicate overall betterment as the UK work visa criteria now strictly emphasise the skill set than ever before. And, the more skilled people the country will have, the better it will grow in the long run.

Advantages of Brexit on the UK Immigration

Intra-company transfers: The transferees are allowed to switch into the skilled worker route if they have the required eligibility. Employers and sponsors now have relief because of the cooling-off period provisions. This allows for higher flexibility and short-term assignments.

  • The cap on the total number of skilled migrant workers who can work in the United Kingdom has been suspended.
  • The resident labour market test will stand disposed of too.
  • No cooling-off period ensures that work visa holders are required to leave the country a year before applying for a new visa.
  • Six-year maximum stay for migrants will be abolished.

Drawbacks of Political Changes on Immigration

There are some concerns about whether the new system will be the reason for the country’s shortage in skillset. In comparison to the EU free movement rights, it is highly restrictive. The sponsorship system is now more expensive and obligation heavy, as the immigration health surcharge has been increased.

If you find an experienced immigration firm in London like Osbourne Pinner, they will explain the Brexit impacts in an in-depth way. Now, there are no provisions for an immigration work visa for job roles that do not come with a SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) code. This further should meet the relevant salary limit and skillset. Sponsors will be unable to employ sponsored workers if:

  • The job is closely matching any of the SOC codes below the needed skillset.
  • The salary that a potential sponsored worker will get is too low.
  • The new high standards for English speaking skills are posing as an issue for migrants as it has made work visa application more complicated than earlier.

Mandatory Characteristics for New Work Visa

  • Applicants should be 18 years of age, instead of the 16-year age limit standard that existed earlier.
  • The application should meet the criteria for which they must score 70 points under the points-based system.

Note: These mandatory characteristics are non-tradeable in nature and will sum up to a total of 50 points. They must:

  • Acquire a job offer letter from a registered approved sponsor – This calls for 20 points.
  • Have a job proposal at the pre-determined skill level – This sums to 20 points.
  • Speak English as per the required standard, which is equal to the intermediate or AS-level – Sums up to 10 points.

The threshold for skills has been brought down from the old graduate-level to involve those qualified to equivalents of Scottish Highers or A-levels. It is not mandatory for the workers to hold a formal qualification, the skill level of a job that a migrant worker is supposed to do reserves higher importance.

How Can Immigration Lawyers Aid Your Application for UK Immigration?

A skilled visa solicitor at Osbourne Pinner understands that the UK immigration application process brings many first-hand challenges. And with the latest political changes, it might have become even more complicated for a layman to ascertain the Do’s and Don’ts. If you are also sitting confused about what you should do or avoid, go for an immigration consultancy service from Osbourne Pinner. Here is what you can expect:

  • A detailed assessment of your circumstances
  • Complete assistance in documentation
  • Submission of visa application
  • Constant monitoring of visa application
  • Immediate notifications on your visa application

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