What is Naturalisation? Why is it Important for British Citizenship?

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Naturalization is a lawful process through which a person can change his/her nationality. Those who are at least 18 years of age and possess indefinite leave to stay or have a right of permanent residence are eligible to apply for Naturalisation, which leads to British citizenship.

Who Can Apply for British Citizenship by Naturalisation?

A statutory criterion has been set regarding the immigration status of an applicant. People who intend to be naturalised as British citizens must be found fit according to the said criteria, including the applicant’s future intentions, good character, length of residence in the UK, and knowledge of the British English language and lifestyle. If an applicant is wedded to a British national, naturalisation requirements vary to a slight extent. On the flipside, you can even apply for British citizenship after studying in the UK.

Application for Naturalisation: In Case an Applicant is Not Married to a British Citizen

If you are not married to a British citizen or you do not intend to depend on your marriage to be naturalised, here is a checklist that you will face in the process:

  • It would help if you were in the United Kingdom five years before your naturalization application date
  • The intentions of being naturalized are that your home or principal home will be in the UK once your application gets approved
  • As an applicant, you must not have been absent from the United Kingdom for 90 days or more during the twelve months preceding the application date.
  • You must have good character
  • In the period of your 5-year stay in the UK, you have not been absent for 450 days or more
  • Having ample knowledge of the Scottish Gaelic language or Welsh, English is a requirement
  • There should not be any record of breach of immigration laws in the period of 5 years against you

Application for Naturalisation: In Case an Applicant is Married to a British Citizen

If your spouse is a British citizen, the Home Office will ensure that:

  • You were living in the United Kingdom 3 years before the date of application for Naturalisation.
  • You must have basic knowledge and understanding of the Welsh or Scottish Gaelic language and English.
  • There should not be any incident that proves a breach of immigration laws during the three year period.
  • Good character proof is always a must when it comes to the process of Naturalization.
  • You must not be away from the United Kingdom for 90 days or more during the 12 month period preceding your application.
  • As an applicant, you must not be absent from the UK for 270 days or more during the 3 year period.

The exact requirement may or may not vary to the ones listed above, depending on your application status and circumstances. To get full assurance of successful application and thorough knowledge of immigration laws, you can always head for legal service.

Why is Naturalisation Important for British Citizenship?

A person who has spent five years continuously in the United Kingdom on a valid visa can get an ILR (indefinite leave to remain). This has many benefits, a few of which include the liberty to live and work in the nation for an unspecified time. One can exit and re-enter the UK as many times as one wants without any restriction.

After being naturalised, a person will not have to pay to extend their status. It is also helpful for students as they will be considered “home student” instead of “international student” if their application for naturalization is approved.

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Why Should You Consider an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration lawyers have vivid experience in dealing with such applications. They have a knack to sort out all kinds of paperwork and legal issues in a seamless manner. If you are looking ahead to be naturalized on your own or based on your marital status, experienced immigration solicitors in London can really boost your application. They will guide you on the complexities associated with British nationality law and the UK citizenship process.

At Osbourne Pinner, we have the best UK immigration Solicitors. They are proactive and approachable to all our clients who need help understanding the process and providing impeccable legal service. In case you are trying to find a work-driven team determined to offer clear and crucial information on immigration and UK nationality, feel free to approach the best immigration law firm for advice or legal service.

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