Taking Legal Help to Access Your Grandchildren

Grandmother And Grandchild

Being a grandparent can be traumatic when the relationship of children falls apart and they seek a divorce. Seeing grandchildren involved in a divorce or separation often makes grandparents feel left alone and ostracized. Many of them don’t know what they can do to have a sigh of relief or what they should do to maintain a healthy relationship with their grandchildren. By the end of this blog, you will learn what grandparent legal rights you have and what all you can do to stay in touch with the grandchildren.

It is indeed heartbreaking to be separated from kids whom you love dearly, and you might be wanting to go that extra mile and avoid the situation. You may find yourself asking people, “do I have grandparent rights to meet my grandchildren?” Simply put – yes, you can meet and maintain contact with grandchildren if the court grants the same. Before you move ahead with a legal proceeding, let us tell you that the court will focus on whether you can have a loving and fulfilling relationship.

There is one more thing that can lessen your worries. You can agree on child arrangements even when the parents are unable to reach an agreement regarding arrangements.

What Grandparents Can Do to Maintain Immediate Contact? As a basic grandparent right, you are free to have indirect contact with grandchildren. In case you are willing to meet the kid/kids face to face but were unable to do so, you can talk to the parent who is having custody of grandchildren about what they can do. Moreover, the age of your grandchildren is something that dictates how you can maintain indirect contact. If the kids are old enough to use computers and other gadgets, you can connect over text and calls daily.

In case that is not an option, you can opt for the old school method of writing them letters. This will make them feel that you are there for them and you care. Make sure your letters or texts should not be unnecessarily intriguing. Talk about the child and not about their parents’ conflict. Don’t let them feel your relationship has changed after their parents’ separation or divorce. Ask them about their day, their friends, wishes, hobbies and school etc. You can share fun pictures of each other and send them some gifts as well. Be a little cautious and keep a copy of the letters with yourself (if you send any).

What are Grandparents’ Legal Rights to Access their Grandchildren?

You do not reserve automatic grandparents’ legal rights to access your grandchildren if their parents prevent you from doing so. However, you can definitely take the road to legalities via legal services.

You can try accessing grandchildren through:

  • Mediation
  • Informal family arrangement with their parents.

If both of these ways do not work, then you can ask the court for permission to meet your grandchildren and apply for a court order. To forward a court order application, you can hire a grandparent’s rights lawyer from Osbourne Pinner. We will help you strengthen your application to show the court that you are eligible to spend time with your grandchildren. Our vast legal knowledge can help the clients to make an informed decision and understand the legal options.


Our genuine family law solicitor can help you and your family to have an agreement on child arrangements. These solicitors organize MIAM (mediation information and assessment meeting) to help families reach an agreement post-divorce or separation.

What Can be in Store for You?

Once you get into the legalities and hire a grandparent’s legal solicitor, the final decision will lie in the courts’ hands. It can decide whether you can access your grandchildren and what sort of contact you can have as per grandchildren’s interest.

The Order of the Court Can Decide:
  • Where Grandchildren will Live
  • With Whom they can spend time and when
  • What types of communication grandparents can have with children, for instance, face-to-face contact, phone calls etc.

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