Tier 1 Global Talent Visa for TechNation

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The Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa is now the Tier 1 Global Talent Visa. Needless to say that the UK is leading the world in the fields of engineering, arts, humanities, science and technology. People having talent in any of these fields are drawn towards Britain in search of rewarding career opportunities. Along with bright prospects, talented minds get attracted to the advanced economy and rich cultural life of the UK.

The Global Talent Visa UK is the gateway to the business industry and job market without heavy investment. This visa category directs toward settlement in the country. In a span of 3-5 years visa holders can be eligible for British citizenship as well.

Prime benefits of Global Talent Visa – Tech Nation

  • Available for both founders and employees
  • Based on the unique achievements, skills and backgrounds of the applicant
  • Covers all sub-sectors (including AI, games, cyber, fintech, etc.)
  • Not tied to a specific location, company or job, states flexibility
  • No limit restriction on the number of visas available
  • Permission to travel abroad and return to the UK
  • Can be extended as many times as the visa holder needs
  • Family members can join the visa holder as per requirements
  • Helpful in obtaining permanent residency in the UK
  • Visa is granted for up to five years
  • Promise routes & Exception Talent depends on experience

Who is eligible for a Global Talent Visa for Tech Nation

Every endorsement body has its own set of criteria when it comes to eligibility requirements. And if you are going to apply for a Tier 1 global talent visa, you must understand the requirements set by the designated endorsement body. There are different criteria for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent and Tier 1 Exceptional Promise.

Here is a sneak peek at key criteria for Tech Nation

  • Proof of recognition in working outside immediate occupation which contributed to the advancement within the sector.
  • An applicant must generate evidence of innovation in the digital technology sector as a founder of a product, or an employee.

The applicant must meet one of these.

Qualifying criteria for Tier 1 Global Talent Visa Tech Nation

  • Ability to show proof of significant commercial, entrepreneurial or technical contribution in Digital technology
  • Providing examples of exceptional jobs done in academics
  • Demonstrating exceptional ability in the relevant field of making a significant contribution
  • Showcase consistent mastery of new digital skills
  • Proof that applicant has got recognition as a potential leading talent in the digital technology sector

Two of these criteria must be met for eligibility. Along with this, you must nominate three experienced professionals from the digital technology field who can vouch for your contribution while applying for a visa under Tech Nation

Things that you can do right now!

The Global Talent Visa is a highly competitive visa category. The application process is rigorous and requires utmost focus. It is always better to stay in touch with lawyers. You can get robust and practical legal advice from our talented UK immigration solicitors. They can guide you on collecting relevant evidence and quick spot-checking of vulnerabilities in your application. You will always receive the best correction advice.

How Osbourne Pinner Can Help You?

Get expert legal advice on matters related to immigration in the UK with a purpose to live and work in the country. We have a team of dedicated visa solicitors who have years of experience in handling visa issues. Lawyers at Osbourne Pinner provide end-to-end legal guidance to talented individuals looking to live and work in the UK under the Global Talent visa. We help candidates with the application process and navigate all the documentation and eligibility criteria.

Call our experts to get legal help for Global Talent visa applications.

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