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The UK startup visa is an immigration route for foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up a business in the UK for the first time. To obtain the visa, the applicant need not be a graduate or secure any initial funding. They, however, need to have an innovative, scalable, and viable startup idea that has been endorsed by an authorised endorsing body. UK immigration solicitors at Osbourne Pinner have answered the most commonly asked questions surrounding the UK startup visa. Read this blog to demystify your queries.

Q1. Is there an investment requirement to apply for the visa?

Applicants for the startup visa do not require any initial investment for their business idea. However, the requirement of a viable and scalable business idea makes it necessary for the applicants to have some funding to invest in their business. Furthermore, certain endorsing bodies have made it compulsory to have a certain level of funding as a condition of endorsement.

Q2. Where can I get the details about the endorsing bodies?

The Home Office publishes a list of endorsing bodies for the UK startup visa applicants. The list contains the names and links to the websites of the approved endorsing bodies. The details about the application process and endorsement criteria are listed on the website. You can also obtain the details about the endorsing bodies and their criteria from the UK immigration solicitors at Osbourne Pinner.

Q3. Which endorsing body should I apply to?

Choosing the suitable endorsing body depends upon the individual requirements concerning the field of business, the timing of the application, place of setting up the business, and the kind of support that the business might require. The UK immigration solicitors at Osbourne can advise you on the most suitable endorsing bodies for making your visa application.

Q4. Can startup visa applicants join an existing business?

The startup visa is for individuals looking to set up a business in the UK for the first time. If you are looking to join an existing company, then this immigration route is not suitable for you.

Q5. How long is the visa valid for?

The UK startup visa is valid for 2 years initially. However, if you were granted leave as a Tier-1 graduate entrepreneur earlier, then you will be granted leave for a period of 2 years.

Q6. Can I extend my startup visa and apply for indefinite leave to remain?

No, a startup visa can not be extended, and the visa holders cannot apply for settlement either. However, if you want to continue expanding your business, you can apply for ILR in the UK innovator visa category at the end of the 2 years.

Q7. Is there a residence requirement for the startup visa?

A startup visa holder does not require to have spent any amount in the UK.

Q8. Can I take up any other employment as a startup visa holder?

The UK immigration laws permit startup visa holders to take employment other than working on their startup. However, the endorsing bodies need to be satisfied that the individual is continuously working on the business and have shown considerable progress in their business idea.

How can the UK Immigration Solicitors at Osbourne Pinner help?

We have a team of experienced visa solicitors that have years of experience handling matters related to the UK startup and innovator visa. We provide legal assistance to young entrepreneurs looking to establish and expand a new business in the UK. We help our clients make a strong application and comply with the requirements of the Home Office.

Contact our legal experts today to get help with your visa applications.

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