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International students must be prepared when they come to the UK for their studies. While applying for the student visa under tier-4 Sponsor Licence, there are some things that you can do to make sure that your application is quick and straightforward. For easy sailing of your application, you can consult our UK immigration solicitors, and they help you with every step of your application. This blog offers some tips compiled by the top immigration law firm in London and provides advice on Tier-4 Student Visas.

  • Apply Early: It is essential to apply early to ensure that you have enough time to make all the arrangements. You can apply for the tier-4 visa three months prior to the course beginning date. Summer is the busiest time in the UK to process visas, so make sure to apply as soon as possible. The typical visa processing time is four weeks, but at times it takes longer. Apply with the help of professional UK immigration solicitors to make sure that every legal compliance is followed.
  • Check Whether a Tier-4 Visa is Right for You: There are multiple student visas for studying in the UK. These visas differ according to the course and the type of institution you have applied to. A tier-4 Sponsor Licence is for the degree-level course and above. You must apply for the right visa and learn what is allowed with each visa.
  • Documents required for the Visa: All the applicants must prove that they have a place to study at a government-approved institution on the tier-4 sponsors’ list. Students will also have to prove that they have the ability to speak the required degree of English. The Applicants will also have to show the document of financial compliance.
  • Prepare for your interview: When the time comes, be sure to prepare thoroughly for your visa interview to ensure the best chances of success.
  • Finances and Funding: You will have to ensure that you have adequate funds to meet your expenses in the UK during the duration of your stay. Make sure that your funds are held in either your or your parent’s account for at least 28 days. As an experienced immigration law firm, we advise applicants to put a little extra money to factor in the currency fluctuations. You will also need to pay a health surcharge during your visa application.
  • Travel Bookings: As the most professional UK immigration solicitors, we advise you not to confirm any travel bookings until the visa has been approved.
  • Biometric Residence Permit: While applying for the tier-4 student visa from outside the UK, you will have to book a visa application appointment to have your fingerprints and photo taken. This will allow you to get a biometric residence permit in the UK. The UK immigration Solicitors at Osbourne Pinner help you make sure that you have all your immigration proof once you are in the UK

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