What is the IELTS test? Why is it Important For a Student Visa?

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The British Council manages IELTS or International English Language Testing System, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English. Its main purpose is to measure the English language competency of people who wish to work or study in the countries where English is used as the dominant means to communicate. With a rapid increase in the number of people aiming for higher education in different countries lately, IELTS has become the most common English language test taken by study abroad aspirants.

IELTS is conducted for people who want educational or job opportunities in English speaking countries so that their ability to communicate effectively in a foreign country can be assessed. Students must know that not having taken IELTS may lessen their chances of getting a student VISA as the authorities would not have proof of their competency in the English language.

To get your student visa as a part of the assessment, your UK university will also assess your English language level as an integral part of academic evaluation for the applied course. For the Tier 4 Student Visa, you should prove your knowledge of the English language by clearing a Secure English Language Test with CEFR Level B1 and B2. This is just one of many tips for students applying for this visa.

IELTS is the most common Secure English Language Test which is taken by prospective applicants, the CEFR levels for these exams are mentioned below:

  • Level B1 4.0
  • Level B2 5.5
  • Level C1 7.0
  • Level C2 8.5

Applicants should obtain the scores mentioned above in writing, reading, listening, and speaking in each section.

In order to achieve an excellent overall score in the IELTS, it is essential for candidates to obtain an intelligent score in each section. Each section has its basis of judgement and therefore requires its way of devising and approach.

Listed below are some section-wise tips that aspirants should follow to expert all the sections.

Speaking Test

  • Keep the answers concise.
  • Clear the hesitation regarding the questions before proceeding to the response.
  • The aspirants are advised to speak in English in their regular communication with people to improve the command of the language for the speaking test.

Reading Test

The candidates will get sixty minutes to answer forty questions, one and a half minutes for each question. However, it is necessary to give extra time to long passages and a little less time to more accessible and shorter questions. Hence, a candidate must consider these things while devising and performing a sound strategy to finish the exam on time while at the same time ensuring the accuracy of answers.

Writing Test

  • It is pivotal to first organise one’s thoughts and strategies towards the writing skills and then dive into them right away.
  • Revising is equally essential, and the aspirants are suggested to leave some time in the end to revise their paper.

Listening Test

  • One must listen to the questions properly instead of constantly writing
  • Candidates are advised to read the complete question instead of only giving attention to the main points or keywords.

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