What is the New Work Permit Scheme in the UK?

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The UK is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after immigration destinations for people willing to move to a new country. However, the immigration system in the UK is quite restrictive.

Work Permit in the UK

No one can apply for a work permit in the UK directly. Employers have to apply on behalf of potential employees. The duration of an application Work Permit visa will depend on the nature of work they do and the type of UK work visa granted. In case an applicant is already qualified and accepted to work in the UK or possess a work visa but is refrained from working, there might be a need to get a work permit.

The point-based system treats EU and non-EU citizens in the same manner and attracts people who can add growth to the UK economy. Irish people are granted to continue to enter, live and work freely within the country. For the European Union, free movement has ended on 31st December 2020, and new arrangements have been announced for EU citizens.

The immigration work visa in the UK is offered to foreign workers who are highly skilled, can add value to their workplace, and aid the country’s growth and productivity. Entrepreneurs, investors and other exceptional talents are included in this visa category.

Professions Covered Under This Visa Category

  • Innovators
  • IT Specialists
  • Scientists
  • Finance experts
  • Engineers
  • Doctors/ Physicians
  • Entrepreneurs, etc.

Types of Employment Permit

  • Tier 1 (General) Visa
  • Tier 1 (Exceptional) Visa
  • Tier 2 (General) Visa

The representative of an Overseas Business visa: Applicants who are outside Switzerland and EEA (European Economic Area) can apply under this type, if: They are an employee of an overseas broadcasting organization or news agency. They are planning to set up a UK branch or wholly-owned subsidiary for an overseas company.

Domestic Workers in a Private Household Visa: Applicants who are outside the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland and have worked for their employer for a duration of 1 year as a domestic worker in a private household can apply under this category.

How Can Immigration Lawyers Help in Work Permit VISA Application?

Help in the documentation Lawyers carry out a comprehensive assessment of a client’s circumstances. You can ask them to explain the whole process of documentation in detail. It becomes easy and seamless to let a lawyer handle the documentation; you can definitely hire an immigration lawyer to lodge a work permit application on your behalf.

Evaluation of circumstances: Knowing that every work permit case is different because every applicant has different background, purpose and circumstances, lawyers evaluate with precision.

You can get legal immigration services from Osbourne Pinner’s registered legal consultants, who will understand and assess your circumstances. This helps them in offering apt advice regarding the best UK visa route.

Submission of application: You can reduce your effort to a great length by associating with a genuine law firm like Osbourne Pinner. Here, visa Solicitors will organize your details, a dedicated case in-charge will collate documentation and prepare a work permit application based on the latest UK immigration rules and requirements for submission.

Advertising the role: In case it is needed, an immigration lawyer can help and advice regarding advertisement and make sure it meets the criteria set by the government.

Monitoring the application: The lawyer who will closely work on your application will take responsibility for submitting the same for the work permit to the UKBA. S/he will also monitor the whole progress. You will get all updates from time-to-time. Whenever needed, a lawyer can manage requests for additional data from the UKBA. Once your work permit application gets approved, Immigration Solicitors will notify you.

Make sure you choose trustworthy and skilled law solicitors of Osbourne Pinner. A team of well-qualified and experienced consultants will make your application a seamless process. This is because they understand the first-hand challenges that come with a UK Visa application.

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