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The Home Office UK visits all Sponsor Licence holders to check compliance. Needless to say, all licence holder companies must meet compliance guidelines.

In recent times, the government of the UK is focusing more on the businesses that have employed non-UK nationals. Due to this sudden shift in the government’s focus, premises visits (which were already consistent) have now increased. Sponsor licence holders are always vulnerable to Home Office inspection visits. The government is working closely to identify and eradicate illegal workers. Companies that fail in the compliance check are being penalized.

We understand how busy employers and HR directors are, and therefore, we actively assist companies to educate/train them so that all HR policies and procedures related to Home Office compliance are up-to-date. This means that if immigration officials pay your organisation a ‘surprise’ visit, you will have nothing to fear and can be confident that your business will meet full compliance.

We understand it is not easy to follow guidelines while handling a business. There is a lot to take care of. But complying with the immigration laws is something that you cannot avoid. So, the best is to stay prepared for “surprise” visits of immigration officials at any time.

Common Reasons Why Companies Fail Home Office’s Sponsor Licence Compliance Visits

A lot of firms fail to meet the Sponsor Licence compliance responsibilities and duties. Every company may have a different reason to fail, here are some common ones shared by a lot of licence holder companies:

  • Failure to give the latest and past contact details of all migrant workers is one of the most common reasons.
  • In case the Home Office finds evidence that the licence holder is outsourcing migrant workers to any third party company.
  • Lack of evidence in carrying out an RLMT (Resident Labour Market Testing) for positions that were filled by migrant workers
  • Late or no update in the status of migrant workers, their work location and other accurate information.

Generally, there are no expectations for licence holders who fail in compliance in more than one area. Not being prepared for an audit is never an option to licence holders. Even if the audit is unannounced you are supposed to stay prepared. This often puts the licence holders, especially small companies not having efficient HR departments under a lot of stress.

UK immigration solicitors at Osbourne Pinner Can Help With Sponsor License Compliance

If you are in search of support regarding Sponsor Licence and Compliance Visits and preparing for Home Office inspection, this is the right space to be at. From training and educating you about the business protocols and procedures to meeting the strict compliance guidelines as per immigration laws, we will do it all. You will get system review and document review services as well. Wehelp in spotting areas of concern. Afterwards, our experts provide suitable solutions which ultimately leads to quick compliance.

At Osbourne Pinner we are esteemed to state that we are counted among reputed law firms in the UK. With years of determination and excellence, we have grown a team that is trusted and recommended by all our clients.

Our UK immigration solicitors hold expertise in dealing with all the challenges that laymen face while holding Sponsor Licence. Also, we are more than pleased to help all our clients in achieving complete compliance. The immigration lawyers who offer individual services to clients have been working in this field for years and they know the right ways to handle such matters. As a team, we are committed to giving our hundred per cent to help licence holders have seamless processes, procedures and systems for compliance. You will surely find our service better than your expectations.

If you require legal advice on any of the issues raised by this article relating to the Sponsor Licence compliance process then please do not hesitate to contact our expert team at Osbourne Pinner for more information on 0203 983 5080 or fill in the form for a call back. to book your consultation.

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