Divorce and Property Dispute

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Sharing and settlement of joint assets and finances is one of the crucial aspects of a divorce. Decisions regarding the ownership of the marital home are definitive in most divorce cases, and as such, property ownership disputes are quite common and frequently contentious. The primary bone of contention is whether one partner will continue to live in the home after a divorce or will the house be sold and profits shared between the couple. It is important to seek professional guidance from divorce lawyers UK because property dispute matters can be emotionally draining.

Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 maps out all the factors that are considered when the assets are divided after the divorce or while dissolving a civil partnership. It takes into account the income and assets of both the partners, how long the marriage lasted, and the standard of living during the marriage. It is possible to appeal in the court for maintenance in divorce and dissolving a civil partnership with the help of divorce lawyers UK.

Deed of Separation and Finances

Couples can mutually come to an arrangement about how joint assets will be divided and the level of maintenance to be paid with a deed of separation. The separation arrangement lists out everything a couple has decided. Couples can draw up the deed of separation even before the divorce proceedings are initiated.

Further, the court can intervene when one party has not disclosed all their assets during a divorce settlement. In such instances, the court can freeze the assets or set aside certain transactions. The purpose of the deed of separation is to keep the divorce settlements fair for both the partners and protect the interests of the children involved. It is advisable to get legal guidance from the best divorce lawyers in London.

Finances in Divorce and Court Orders

Different court orders can be clubbed and applied together to ensure that no partner has an unfair advantage over the other partner. Court orders include a lump sum order or property adjustment orders. A consent order can be applied to finalize the agreed terms and conditions if the couple has separated their finances through a deed of separation. It prevents the couple from future disputes. Sorting out the finances and property after the divorce or separation can be overwhelming, and hence it is advisable for the partners to take expert legal advice from divorce lawyers UK. Professional lawyers in London will ensure that the divorce proceedings are as amicable as possible.

Clean Break Financial Settlements in Divorce

In some situations, a clean break financial settlement can be made with respect to a former spouse or civil partner. This settlement is made to make sure that no further maintenance is to be paid. You can seek the help of divorce lawyers in London to set out the clean break financial settlement.

Osbourne Pinner- Professional Legal Advice on Finances and Property in Divorce

Osbourne has a pool of best lawyers in London who offer expert and detailed legal advice to couples on the separation of property and financial arrangements during a divorce or when a civil partnership ends. We have considerable expertise in family and children law and make sure that our clients have an amicable and smooth divorce. We keep the interests of the children paramount and ensure that their welfare is taken care of.

If you are looking for the best divorce lawyers UK, then get in touch with us for a preliminary consultation. We assess the finances and assets of both partners and offer the best presentation for our clients.

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