Renewal of Sponsor License Application

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Companies based out of the UK require a sponsor license to hire foreign workers. Companies that possess sponsorship licenses have to renew their license after the expiry of every four years. Renewal of license is important if you want your sponsored workers to keep working for you. It is the responsibility of the sponsor company to renew the license before the expiry date. The application for renewal is sent to the Home Office for review, and if the application is accepted, the license is temporarily extended while the Home Office makes a decision on the renewal.

Renewing the Sponsor License

The application for the renewal of the sponsorship license is submitted online through the Sponsor Management System. The application is to be made before the end date of the license. The Home Office can ask for further documents relating to the business and corporate documents with respect to the application. Any such documents requested by the Home Office should be submitted within five working days. Failure to submit the documents timely can reduce the license allocations, downgrade, suspend, or revoke the license.

It is crucial that sponsors are compliant throughout the license period. When a sponsor company applies for renewal, UKVI may visit their business premises. This is highly likely if the company has not received a compliance visit from the Home Office in the preceding four years. A compliance officer can request a variety of information to verify that the company has maintained all compliance, record keeping, and reporting duties. It is recommended that the sponsor seek the help of experienced visa solicitors to make sure that the company is up-to-date and compliant with all the HR policies and sponsor duties.

Key Points for Sponsor License Renewal

As the best visa solicitors in the UK, we have compiled all the important points to be kept in mind if you are looking to renew the license of sponsorship:

  • The license is to be renewed after every four years.
  • Sponsors can apply for renewal as early as three months before the expiry date.
  • The applicant can view their license expiry and the earliest dates for renewal in their Sponsor Management System account.
  • Sponsor companies must make the application for renewal by submitting an application online using the Sponsor Management System after paying the appropriate fee.
  • Sponsors must be ready for compliance visits from the Home Office and submit all the documents requested by the Home Office within the stipulated time frame.

Common Reasons for Refusal of License Renewal Application

As the best immigration solicitors, we have compiled some of the common reasons for refusal of license renewal:

  • The company has not complied with the sponsor license duties and responsibilities
  • Inadequate record-keeping
  • Failed to report changes with respect to the company and workforce
  • Failed to respond to the Home Office inquiries

These reasons can be avoided if the company takes the expert legal guidance of visa solicitors in London.

Get Professional Counsel from Osbourne Pinner for Your Sponsor License Renewal

Osbourne is the best immigration law firm in London that offers expert legal advice for the renewal of the license of sponsorship. We help companies navigate the complexities of sponsor licenses and keep them compliant with the rules and responsibilities of the license. Our visa solicitors will handle all the aspects of the renewal application, including:

  • Complete checks and validation of all documentation
  • Audit of the human resource department
  • Compliance checks and reporting of all the changes regarding the company and the employees

Contact us today to get a favorable response from the Home Office regarding your renewal application.

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