What are the Parental Responsibilities after Divorce?

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When getting divorced or separated, the main focus is the welfare of the child involved. Often the child arrangement orders leave the parents at odds with each other and differ on who should take custody. Having parental responsibilities gives you certain powers and rights with respect to your child and involves some obligations. As the premier divorce lawyers UK, we write this blog to inform you about parental responsibilities after divorce.

Parental Responsibilities after Divorce

After divorce, parental responsibilities give you a superior say over the child’s upbringing. Parental responsibility means that you have the overbearing inputs when it comes to major decisions of your child’s life, such as:

  • Where he or she goes to school
  • What their legal name is
  • Whether or not the child can be taken abroad
  • Who their legal guardian is
  • The way that the child is to be disciplined

If the parental responsibility is shared between two parties, then all the concerned parties will be involved in the decision-making for divorce and children. Getting child custody is an important aspect of parental responsibility. Being the best team of divorce lawyers UK, we help and advise our clients to get the parental responsibility of their child post-separation with their partners.

How to Obtain Parental Responsibility?

Being the best team of lawyers in London, we help you obtain the parental responsibility of your child after divorce. You can get the responsibility through the following means:

  • Re-registering the birth of your child in your joint names, if you are the father/same-sex parent
  • Enter into a parental responsibility with the biological mother
  • Get a parental responsibility order from the court with the help of divorce lawyers UK at Osbourne Pinner

A biological father can get this responsibility by marrying the mother and also by getting the child arrangement order from the court by stating that the child lives with you.

Our Family Lawyers in London can Help You

Your rights and responsibilities in relation to your child vary as a parent. We advise you on your legal position when it comes to making important decisions about your child’s upbringing. If you don’t have the parental responsibility, our divorce lawyers UK will help you with the legal recourse on obtaining the parental responsibility of your child. In case of any legal disputes, our expert team of lawyers in London will help you get a favourable court order. We have a team of divorce solicitors who helps you obtain the child arrangement order. We make sure that you get what is best for your child and that no fallout of your divorce lands on your child.

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