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The UK government has launched a new immigration route for international students known as the Graduate route, to be started from July 2021. The new route is meant for the students to apply for a visa to remain in the UK for two years post-study. This allows the students to look for work at different skill levels. This will also provide an opportunity to employers in the UK to hire international talent. As a premier immigration law firm, we have prepared this blog to advice and guide students on the graduate route visa.

Eligibility for the Graduate Route Work Visa

To be able to apply for this work visa, the applicant must have:

  • A valid tier-4 or student visa
  • Completed an approved course or degree from an approved higher education institution in the UK
  • Not earlier held permission to stay in the UK under the Doctorate Extension Scheme or held a graduate visa previously

There is no minimum salary bar for the applicants, and also, they will not be required to prove their English language abilities as their degree will be proof of that. An immigration law firm can help the applicants to present a strong application to the home office. The UK government has offered concessions to the students studying remotely outside of the UK due to the pandemic.

Considerations Before Applying in 2021

Owing to the current pandemic, UK immigration solicitors at Osbourne Pinner advice that students must plan their application carefully. Ensure that you have completely understood the implications of travelling to the UK. Those arriving in the UK from a ‘red list’ country must book a mandatory 10-day quarantine at an approved hotel at their own expense. We also recommend that students prepare for the living expense that they will incur in the UK. Make assessments about the living costs, how feasible it is for you to find a job in the present conditions. If you are confused about the application, then contact an immigration law firm that will help you understand the complexities of the work visa application and living in the UK. It may be more suitable, for example, to switch to a skilled worker visa.

Work and Study

While your application for the graduate route is pending, you can work under existing student visa conditions. Once your graduate route visa is issued, you can do any kind of work, even self-employed. There are, however, restrictions on the study under this visa route. It specifies that you can not study any course which can be sponsored under a student visa.

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How to Apply?

To apply, you must:

  • Apply from within the UK
  • Complete mandatory identification, criminality, and security checks
  • Pay the application fee of 700 pounds and a health surcharge of 624 pounds for every year of your stay

How Can Osbourne Pinner Help?

UK immigration solicitors at Osbourne Pinner have years of experience handling work visas and immigration requirements. We are the best immigration law firm in London that offers a swift and effective remedy for your graduate visa application issues. We help our clients understand the risks and benefits associated with the graduate visa route. We provide professional consultancy services regarding all kinds of work visas to foreign nationals who are looking to work and settle in the UK.

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