Employers Need to Prepare for the Post-Covid World

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The UK is recovering from the wrath of the coronavirus pandemic. Employers are planning to bring their workforce back into the workplace. They are a number of key areas that employers need to be prepared for in the post-covid world. As one of the UK’s reliable immigration and employment law firms, we have highlighted key areas for employers to think about when they open up their workplace.

Health & Safety

It is the duty of employers to reduce workplace risk to a minimum level through preventive measures to ensure the employees’ safety, health, and welfare. Our employment solicitor has prepared the following measures to help employers prepare for the post-covid world:

Remote work: Work from home should be allowed whenever possible. Employers should put a system in place to regularly assess the mental and physical health of their workers. Ignoring these issues could land you in trouble.

Health Screening: Employers should consider screening their employees before they are back into the workplace. Health screening includes temperature checks, covid-19 tests, or even self-declaration of health. Employers can also get their employees vaccinated.

Risk Assessment: The organisation should go through a thorough and rigorous risk assessment to ensure that all the health guidelines are followed and to tackle any unwanted health concerns at the workplace. Risk assessment weighs the risks and benefits of public health guidance and identifies employers’ duties towards pregnant women and disabled workers.

Workplace Planning and Management

As employers try to understand the technical guidance according to the type of workplace they operate, they are also required to be watchful of existing employment law. An employment solicitor helps the employers navigate the guidance and oblige them to the laws and norms.

Coordinating return to the workplace: It is important that employers must phase the return of their employees at the workplace. They should decide on who should return and when. Employers should not adopt a “one size fits all” approach and consider flexibility wherever applicable.

Managing workforce on their return: There will be employees who would be hesitant to return owing to health concerns or existing child care due to the closure of schools and nurseries. This should be considered, and adequate leeway must be given to such employees. In order to address the general areas of concerns, there is a need of establishing thorough communication.

Headcount reductions and alternatives: The challenges created by the covid-19 mean that continued employment of all the employees may not be feasible for the employer. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has provided some relief to both employers and employees. However, employers must take into consideration the headcount and business needs if they are about to lay off the workforce.

Get Assistance from Employment Solicitor at Osbourne Pinner

Our employment solicitor is always available at your disposal to help you prepare better for your workplace after the covid-19 pandemic. Our team of lawyers in London will make sure that you adhere to all the government guidelines regarding workplace safety and oblige to the country’s employment laws. We keep the employers and their key personnel abreast of developments in the employment law. We are the best employment law firm in the UK and offer professional advice on handling the challenges of covid-19 at the workplace. Consult with the experts at our employment law firm in London for an effective resolution to your workplace issues.

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