What HRs Need to do to Comply with Post-Brexit Immigration Routes?

With Brexit coming into effect, the UK’s new points-based immigration system has also opened up for visa applications. Brexit has created a huge shift in the ways that companies recruit international workers into the UK. One of the major changes has been the requirement of a Sponsor License for the UK employers to recruit EU […]

Recruiting Skilled International Teachers With A Sponsor Licence

As a citizen from a foreign land, you might wonder how you can find a sponsoring job in the UK. As a matter of fact, you must remember that you cannot apply for just any job or company in the UK. You can only apply to an organisation with a sponsor licence for a work […]

Employers Need to Prepare for the Post-Covid World

The UK is recovering from the wrath of the coronavirus pandemic. Employers are planning to bring their workforce back into the workplace. They are a number of key areas that employers need to be prepared for in the post-covid world. As one of the UK’s reliable immigration and employment law firms, we have highlighted key […]

How to Avoid Sponsor Licence Revocation?

A sponsor licence allows a UK-based firm to sponsor (hire) workers from abroad. It enables the businesses to furnish a certificate of sponsorship to foreign workers so as to allow them to apply for a tier-2 sponsor licence or tier-5 work visa. The business or companies must have sponsor licence power in order to hire […]

Are Your EU Employees Ready for Brexit?

The United Kingdom officially left the European Union on January 31, 2020. The prospect of the UK leaving the EU brings forward a number of concerns for employers and employees alike. As a result of Brexit, there are certain new rules that British employers of EU citizens must be aware of. According to the new […]

New Changes to the Sole Representative Visa

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the Home Office released a statement of changes to the immigration laws regarding the sole representative visa. The sole representative visa is a popular route for business immigration and allows business owners to migrate to the UK to establish their business. The sole representative visa facilitates a branch or a parent […]

Impact of Digitalisation on the UK Immigration System

The spread of the covid-19 pandemic saw the whole world adjust to a new normal, and it was also visible with the immigration department of the United Kingdom. The UK government has invested around 38 million pounds in improving the digital infrastructure to assist government departments like the Home Office in improving their efficiency and […]

Expanding Your Business in the UK

One of the major benefits of expanding businesses in the UK is that it has a booming economy that is helped by easy regulatory norms that enhances its ease of doing business. The UK has the second-largest workforce in the European continent and has a very suitable environment for young entrepreneurs and new businesses to […]

Everything about the UK’s Post-Study Work Visa

The UK government revealed a new post-study work visa for International students studying in the UK to stay and look for a job for up to two years from their graduation date. This new UK work visa is touted as the flagship initiative to make the UK more attractive for International students. The new rule […]

Difference between the UK Startup Visa and Innovator Visa

In March 2019, the United Kingdom substituted the earlier Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) and Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visas with the UK Startup Visa and Innovator Visa. Among the many new changes that were introduced with these new visa processes, the two fundamental concepts were the innovative requirement and the requisite to be approved by an […]